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Million Dollar Club Support Program

For the 2nd consecutive year, BRP and Ski-Doo dealers present their Million Dollar Club Support Program.  The 2009 edition was launched two weeks ago.  This program donates 10 $ to the club when one of his members fills out and drops off his certificate at a Ski-Doo dealer.

It is a simple effort that makes a difference for many clubs.  Indeed, this way, each club is eligible for a total donation up to 1 500 $ from this program.  But to do so, the snowmobilers must take a few minutes to fill out the certificate and to drop it off at their nearest Ski-Doo dealer.

You are invited to click on the access link aside and to choose option number 3 in order to download your certificate.  Then you will be able to print it, fill it out and drop it off at your nearest Ski-Doo dealer!

Your club will automatically receive a donation of 10 $ for each certificate deposited with his name on it.

Talk to your snowmobilers friends about this program so that they also participate to this interesting promotion.  You too will help your club!!!

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