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2009 Online trials: the Rolling Jack Single trailer

Last season, the SledMagazine.com Team had the joy to test the Rolling Jack Single trailer manufactured in Matane by Jack Industries.  This firm is specialized in developing and manufacturing equipment and accessories for recreational vehicles.  Since 1982, the company has offered many products such as the popular Seat Jack and of course, many trailer models.

The Rolling Jack Single trailer is available in two types:  the long (12 feet) and the short (10 feet).  Considering the sleds we had in our fleet, we needed the long type.  Each trailer is built on a galvanized steel frame that tilts.  This is very useful when you are alone to load your machine since the platform stays down by itself during the manoeuvre.  The floor is made of Plywood fixed to the structure of the platform.  The trailer we tested had grooved  plastic bands on each side, allowing the skis runners to slide easier while protecting the floor.


In order to protect the snowmobile in any weather conditions and from road dirt, the Rolling Jack comes with a cover.  It is made of tubular galvanised steel frame covered with a thick 18 oz PVC canvas.  This canvas is treated against mould and ultraviolet rays that could damage it.  Two hydraulic cylinders allow the cover to remain open.

Many optional features are offered by the manufacturer for his trailers.  Besides the above mentioned plastic teflon bands, you can have anchor hooks, a jack with a wheel on the pole and a spare tire.  The trailer we had was probably the full equipped version since we benefited from all the features that were available.


Plywood floor with grooved plastic bands and anchor hooks 

The trials started at the beginning of January till the end of May.  So we have been able to use the trailer in a wide range of weather and road conditions.  As part of these trials, we rode between 3 125 and 3 750 miles in many regions of the province of Quebec.

Loading and unloading
One of the main strengths of this trailer is how easy it is to load and unload a snowmobile, even by only one person.  Everything seems to have been thought in order to make it easy to use the Rolling Jack.

Indeed, the tilting platform combined to its blockage system reduces the efforts you need to proceed.  The blockage system is made of a spring lock that you can completely deactivate when unloading.  Then the platform is free to swing when you back up the snowmobile towards the back of the trailer.  When loading, you activate the system which will keep the platform in its horizontal position after the sled has been loaded.  In order to secure the platform when traveling, a lock made with a steel shaft is used. We strongly recommend the grooved plastic bands because they make the skis slide easily on the trailer platform.  Even the snowmobiles equipped with the Snow Tracker correctors were very easy to load and unload, which would have been difficult without the plastic bands.


Looking mecanism and locking pin in the background

We strongly recommend the grooved plastic bands because they make the skis slide easily on the trailer platform.  Even the snowmobiles equipped with the Snow Tracker correctors were very easy to load and unload, which would have been difficult without the plastic bands.

Once the snowmobile is correctly positioned on the trailer, you need to fix it inside the trailer.  The anchor hooks are then used in order to attach firmly the straps to the trailer floor.  Before hitting the road, you must lower and secure the trailer cover.  There is a belt attached to the rear of the cover that allows you to grab it easily and close it.  Locks are on each side so it will not open while traveling.


Anchor hooks

Cover locks

On the road
Right at the start, we immediately noticed that there was almost no change in our vehicle performances.  It stays stable at rear, loaded or empty.  Since the trailer is rather light, it has little effect on accelerations and braking.  Moreover, the Rolling Jack cover design reduces the wind resistance while keeping rain and dirt from getting inside the trailer.

Cover’s interior view

Using a trailer always affects the fuel consumption.  But some trailers are less demanding than others.  It seems to be the case with the Rolling Jack since the consumption on highway increased just a little when the weather was mild (no or almost no wind).  Of course, this could really change depending on the weather conditions, but it is true for every trailer, whatever the brand or the model.  We used it once during a snow storm and the Rolling Jack made it with honours allowing the driver to concentrate on the road conditions, without worrying about the trailer.

Front part of the deck with skis locking mecanism

Let us talk about the rear view for the driver.  Since the trailer is a little more than 6 feet wide, it does not really affect the use of the side rear view mirrors of the vehicle.  You can pass easily as long as you take the trailer measurement into account when you finish your manoeuvre.

If the trailer well behaves when empty, it gets better when you carry a snowmobile.  Indeed, its weight increases the stability mostly when the road is bumpy.


The outside is very easy to keep in good conditions since it is made of PVC.  A pressure spray makes this job very easy and cleans all the dirt.  It is also a good idea to clean underneath the trailer once in a while in order to eliminate unwanted residue that could maybe damage it.

Trailer after a snowmobile trip

Besides the cleaning, we had no maintenance to do except for the usual inspections and some lubrication on the coupler system and the blockage system in order to keep them in good working conditions.  Indeed, we did not need more maintenance during the trial period.

The coupler system has to be periodically cleaned and lubricated to insure it is working smoothly

Everyone on our team who used the Rolling Jack trailer has been very impressed by its features and performances on the road.  We have been convinced by how easy it is to load and unload our snowmobiles.  This trailer is an easy way to carry your snowmobile while protecting it from bad weather.

Use of the Rolling Jack trailer at the end of April

Even if some aspects of the long-term use have not been analyzed during this trial, we verified with a rental shop who uses the same model since a few years without any problem.  We can then confirm that more than being easy to use, the Rolling Jack is a trailer that you will use for many years.

We would like to thank Jack Industries for their contribution to the on-line trials allowing us to use a Rolling Jack trailer last winter.

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