Lotus designs a snowmobile powered by a propeller

The car manufacturer Lotus has developed a snowmobile powered by a propeller Some would say that this is an innovation but in fact Joseph-Armand Bombardier had already built a similar vehicle in Valcourt in 1922!  However we must recognize that the Ice Concept Vehicle (CIV) is much more sophisticated …

Created specifically for the expedition Moon Regan Trans-Antarctic, the CIV is designed almost exclusively for the transport of people because there is no room for instruments, food or water.

Its primary task is scouting ahead before being followed by the larger and heavier Science Support Vehicles. Indeed, the CIV is equipped with a radar that scans the ice to detect cracks that could endanger the team of the expedition.

The vehicle was also designed with a minimum of moving parts in order to avoid freezing while it is not in operation. In addition, it is light enough to be moved by one man.

In short even if it is an impressive vehicle you should not be expected to cross a CIV in the local snowmobile trails…

To see the VIC in action, watch the video below