I Lost Something Big and Found Something Bigger

I Lost Something Big and Found Something Bigger

On a recent and immensely pleasurable Quebec adventure, I managed to lose my wallet. Yep, through poor judgment, error, absent-mindedness and inattention, I had all of my important stuff in one wallet and did not properly secure the pocket that it was in.

I Lost Something Big and Found Something Bigger - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

Upon arrival at our final destination, I made the unfortunate discovery that my pocket was open and my wallet was gone. Somewhere along the 70 miles between our last stop at Relais Michelieu in Baie St Paul and the Quebec Inn, it must have popped out in the trail.

After confusion, panic and searching nearby, I faced the reality of my wallet being gone. My passport, driver’s license, US credit card, Canadian bank card, Air Medic card, cash, ALL OF IT! We loaded up our sleds and began our 4-hour trip back home to Vermont.

On my quiet ride, I really had odd confidence that my wallet (wherever it was) would be seen and found by a fellow snowmobiler. Once opened, I was certain that it would become clear that the owner (that’s me) was going to be in a very bad spot without it.  

The border crossing without any identification went much better than expected. I explained my misfortune with unanticipated success.  My last words to the Border agent were “I think someone will call”  to which he replies “I wish you good luck with that, sounds like you will be making a lot of phone calls tomorrow.”

Not more than 4 miles into Vermont my cell phone rang. The caller with a French accent asked if he was speaking to Gregory. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t prefer to be called Gregory, but it is on my identification information. With relief, I instantly replied, “Yes it is and I’ve been waiting for your call.”

My wallet with all of its contents had been found and taken to the Quebec Provincial Police station in Quebec City. The officer calling had no information or detail on the where or by whom of its return. And we made a plan for a Quebec friend to meet and retrieve it.

Within 4 hours of realizing it was gone, it was found, the location of my wallet was known, and I had a plan for getting it back. 

I Lost Something Big and Found Something Bigger - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

In a world with way too many bad things and bad people, we generally only hear or read the bad. I really had every confidence (not just hope) that someone in our snowmobile community would come to the rescue and aid of a fellow snowmobiler. It’s what snowmobilers generally do, and I’m proud to be a part of our special community.

In life, it is seldom that you can learn a lesson without paying the price. We have a frequently used saying in my family "Did you learn anything?" The hopeful response is always "Yes I did". Well…………."YES I did".

There’s no doubt; I’m a lucky guy and not just in this particular situation. I’m well aware of this fact. I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy more good times, family, friends, and memories than any one guy deserves to have in one lifetime and snowmobiling is a huge part of that.

After getting a duplicate drivers license to get back into Quebec, I was reunited with my wallet at the Vintage snowmobile drag racing event in St Raymond the following weekend.  It was appropriate that this event was full of the camaraderie, good times and celebration of snowmobiling.

I Lost Something Big and Found Something Bigger - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

Thank you to my fellow snowmobiler (s) who made this very true story possible.

I lost something big and found something bigger. The very special community and camaraderie of a fellow snowmobiler.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the good fortune and honesty in your life that I experienced in mine that weekend.  Happy trails!                       

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