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Gants FUEL de FXR - motoneiges - motoneigistes

This winter, I had the chance to try on the FXR FUEL gloves. As soon as I received it, I noticed the quality of the product, a quality that has made FXR reputation for years.

Gants FUEL de FXR - motoneiges - motoneigistes

These gloves are made mostly of thick nylon, the inside of the hand and thumb are made of leather to provide better grip. I like to have a fabric glove because it is lighter than leather and having a leather palm is a good compromise.

Gants FUEL de FXR - motoneiges - motoneigistes

There are several FUEL models, but this model is long, it goes up to a third of the forearm, over the coat. It is therefore easy to put on, and there is no space to let the wind inside. There is an elastic band at the end of the glove that tightens to prevent snow from entering the coat. In addition to an elastic band, you can also adjust the glove to your wrist with an easily adjustable strap, and that attaches the glove securely to your hand, preventing it from moving.

Gants FUEL de FXR - motoneiges - motoneigistes Gants FUEL de FXR - motoneiges - motoneigistes

A small practical detail I appreciated is the little “wiper” on the index finger of my left hand, which allows water or snow to be removed from the visor while driving. Besides, the exterior of the thumbs is made of suede and enable the lens to be wiped while driving when there is rain.

Gants FUEL de FXR - motoneiges - motoneigistes

There is, however, a small point that I noticed with this model, it takes water easily. It is something that happens with most fabric gloves, but the problem is that they are complicated to dry because of the leather palm. 

On trails, it is not so much an issue because you are not as exposed to snow as in off-trail. Off-trail, snow quickly enters the glove and hands become wet.

In general, gloves are quite warm and flexible. I greatly appreciated the shape that is already pre-curved for an easier grip and more dexterity. I could say that they are hybrid type gloves, but they are not the smallest and most tactile to practice off-trail. It is not the warmest for the trail either, but in both situations, in Quebec conditions, they are great.

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