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Heat and comfort with CKX outfit

This season, I have the chance to test the official CKX SledMagazine.com clothes, the Element jacket and the Air bib. Here are my impressions after over 3 000 kilometers with these new clothes.

In the beginning of this season in Bas-Saint-Laurent, I rode under various temperatures from few degrees below 0 to -25 °C before windchill.

Right on my first rides, I noticed the lightness and comfort of these clothes, which provides freedom of motion. At first, I had doubt about their warmth because of their lightness, but in fact, it is the opposite. These clothes kept me warm over long periods of time, mostly when I was riding more smoothly.

In more active riding, the insulation of the CKX clothes lets your body breathe when temperature gets warmer and offers good protection against wind under colder temperatures. The clothes are also waterproof, as I experienced it during a ride under very wet snow.

The jacket and the bib have fleece inserts at strategic places, like at back, shoulders, seat and knees, to keep heat where most needed. The knee inserts also protect against impact on the side panels during more aggressive riding. I assure you that when I rode at -25 °C, the inserts were very effective.

I really liked the magnetic clip at the collar; it makes it easier to close the collar for better protection against wind. The storm skirt on the jacket and the bib prevents snow and wind from getting inside the clothes.

This outfit can match the snowmobiler’s preferences. The hood of the jacket is removable (personally, I prefer to take it off) and the suspenders of the bib are also removable, yet essential for me. 

The outfit offers many outer and inner pockets to store items like thin gloves, flashlight and trail maps, or anything a snowmobiler could need for a safer ride. All outer pockets have water-resistant zippers to prevent snow entry.

I can tell you that this outfit matches my snowmobiler style as it is warm, light and comfortable. I would like to thank our partner CKX for letting me put these clothes to the test.

Enjoy great rides!

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