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Get Ready to Go Snowmobiling Week on right now

Dave Phillips, senior climatologist for Environment Canada, says Ontario snowmobilers can look forward to a good winter, and that forecast sets the celebratory tone for Get Ready to Go Snowmobiling Week which runs from November 22 to 28. This annual launch of winter by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) invites Ontarians to discover the many social, health and recreational benefits of snowmobiling, including the world’s largest recreational trail system.

As its name implies, Get Ready to Go Snowmobiling Week is also the cue for OFSC snowmobilers to start making ride plans and preparing sleds and gear. Sled dealers and snowmobile clubs across Ontario are marking Get Ready to Go Snowmobiling Week with open houses and other special events. Get Ready to Go Snowmobiling Week is also the last full week for purchasing Seasonal Snowmobile Trail Permits at the pre-Dec. 1 fee of $200. Permits can be bought online at www.ofsc.on.ca.

This season, Get Ready to Go Snowmobiling Week also celebrates many OFSC firsts to improve the rider experience, including:

Snow Guarantee: Riders who buy a 2011 Seasonal Snowmobile Trail Permit on or before December 15, 2010 can get paid cash if it doesn’t snow this winter. OFSC 2011 permit members can purchase the OFSC Snow Guarantee online at
www.snowguarantee.ca for $10 (tax included) on or before December 15.

New Website: The OFSC’s new public website is totally revamped for this season with a new look, improved navigation and better information, at www.ofsc.on.ca. The OFSC is also now on Facebook and Twitter, and its eNewsletter is going to a qualified list four times this season.

Interactive Trail Guide: A new Interactive Trail Guide features the most accurate and up to date display of the entire 34,000-kilometre OFSC trail network available anywhere.

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