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First Ride of the Season

The first ride of the season is in the books! We got two good days of riding and, as always, some unplanned adventures. Day one was a perfect time to knock the rust off and explore an area close to West Yellowstone called Culvert Gulch. The snow had a thick layer of ice just underneath making powder turns and controlling the sled a bit of a challenge. We were taking some newer riders out the next day and were really thankful we didn’t take them here. 

Day two started out awesome with lots of excitement. Two of our friends rented sleds and we were ready for a fun day. We were heading to one of my all-time favorite riding areas, TeePee creek near West Yellowstone. It’s a bit of a trail ride in but well worth it in the end.  

After tackling the twenty-mile trail ride in, we got the fun stuff. What a difference a day and a different area can make! The snow was awesome with not a trace of ice underneath. Our friends were doing great and we headed to an area called “Cry Baby Hill.” Once we dropped in, we were pleasantly surprised with even better snow than we expected. 

After an hour or so of playing, one of the guys with us had a mechanical problem with his sled, of course, this happens after we descend a steep hill! The adventure began as we explored all our options of getting his sled out safely. We ended up getting extremely lucky and found a different route to another trail through some creative tree work by Jim. All in all, it worked out and we had more great stories to embellish over some bourbon that evening. 

First Ride of the Season - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler 

First Ride of the Season - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler

First Ride of the Season - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler

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