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Cross Country of ste-Béatrix

We will not teach you anything by mentioning that most of the motorized competition activities have taken a momentary break due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It is with a big sigh that we see the light at the end of the tunnel and that the events we were used to are back to our great pleasure.

Martin Coutu and his team from Cross-Country Motoneige Québec made a radical last minute decision to organize a cross-country snowmobile race in Ste-Béatrix. Circumstances pushed Martin to take the bull by the horns and he initiated, within a few days, the organization of his event.

Fortunately, Martin could count on a list of loyal sponsors who immediately answered his call. This friendly fellow is a known face in the world of snowmobile racing and his reputation precedes him. He and his team did not count the hours to set up the competition.

A place of choice!

The Espace Évènementiel of Ste-Béatrix has built an enviable reputation over the past few years for presenting motorized competitions of all kinds. Among these, the most popular is the Off-Road Festival. Located on a former golf course, its thousands of square feet offer the possibility of presenting events of all kinds and receiving thousands of spectators. Keep this location in mind if you are looking for a place to present a festival or a sporting activity, Édith Loyer and her team will be able to accommodate you.

Until a few days before the March 19th date, work was well underway and the Club Motoneige of Ste-Béatrix even contributed by providing the grooming machine for the preparation of the 7 km trail.

Dealing with reality.

To make matters worse, 24 hours before the presentation of the race, Météo Média came to play the spoilsport by announcing rain showers in good quantity. This could have discouraged some people, but instead it motivated the team to hold the event, as several runners confirmed their presence, rain or shine. With this in mind, Martin adapted his course to this climatic reality by reducing it to 3.7 kilometers for safety reasons.

Nevertheless, about thirty competitors from all over Quebec answered the call for a day of competition under the sign of camaraderie. Being familiar with this type of gathering, I can tell you that the regulars are very happy to meet each other and that the competition is present only on the track. In the pits, a frank complicity and mutual support are palpable.

The day of competition began with the presentation of the races for children aboard their 120 and 200cc snowmobiles. It is important to teach the basics of racing at a young age to develop the next generation. It was amazing to see these youngsters racing with agility on their machines.

The day continued with the presentation of the 13-17 years old, Sport, Semi-Pro and Pro categories. The quality and skills of the riders present were very high and the numerous spectators who braved the rain were amazed by so much talent.

Even if the track was deteriorating because of the weather and the repeated passage of competitors, we can say mission accomplished to Martin Coutu and his team. This success is also due to the numerous sponsors who contributed to the event. Among them, Les Motoneiges Géro from St-Jean de Matha, Le Garage st-Félix, Sinto Racing (Pascal Boisvert), Suspension 211, and many others, offered their participation.

In summary, despite the wet clothes, it was a great day of competition. To stay informed of upcoming events, I invite you to subscribe to the Cross-Country Motoneige Québec Facebook page so you don’t miss anything.

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