Conclusion of Choko Tests

Here is my conclusion for the Choko product reviews. I’ll tell you about the Gravity model, which is a two-piece outfit for kids and juniors, the Quantum coat with its removable lining, the Fill Jacket softshell, Adventurer gloves, and turtleneck sweaters. I will also share with you my comments on the other products of the 2018 season, such as travel bags, helmets, boots, gloves, balaclavas, and Cross-Over pants.

Conclusion of Choko Tests - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

The Gravity kit has attractive and up-to-date colors and a beautiful design. They made the young and old happy because the outfits kept them warm throughout the winter. The performance of the coats was good enough, so the testers didn’t need to add extra inner layers so they could go outside to play, snowshoe, snowmobile, slide, take a walk, go to school, and more. The little girls who participated in the test told me that they liked the color of their coats. The overalls are adjustable, and for juniors, the zipper is placed all along the leg, which makes it easier to put it on standing up. All we notice is the fabric on the knees fades after a very long winter season. For children’s overalls, the bib covering the boots was too short, the manufacturer has been informed about this and will fix this problem for next season.  

Conclusion of Choko Tests - snowmobiles - snowmobilers
Conclusion of Choko Tests - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

The Quantum coat, which I tested, was very hot even during a ride with an early morning start at -22 C and wind at 35 km/h, but with a beautiful sunshine present. During the day, when the temperature was -12 C, I took off the lining, because I wanted to know if I should add one or more sweaters, which was not necessary, the coat without the lining was hot. For another trip where the mercury was near the freezing point (-3 C), I had to use the ventilation traps on the side to evacuate the heat overflow for more comfort while staying warm.

The Fill Jacket softshell is a very lightweight, air, and waterproof coat which can be used for walking, going out around the chalet, shopping, or any other use you may have. I always had it with me on my snowmobile rides in case I felt cold at the end of the day. I wore it all winter with short-sleeved sweaters because I’m not very chilly by nature, and it kept me warm. When I took walks on windy days, I noticed that the wind penetrated the bottom of the coat and caused a little inconvenience. Choko was informed and told me that they would investigate to solve this problem for the next edition.

Conclusion of Choko Tests - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

As for the Adventurer leather gloves with removable liners, they met my expectations regarding the warmth. I drive different snowmobiles for the tests, and they don’t always have a large windshield to protect hands from the wind. It is, therefore, essential to have warm and dry gloves. There is a zipper on the top of the hand to evacuate heat and moisture in warmer weather. The liner can also be removed to allow it to dry faster.

The poly/cotton turtleneck sweater is essential for me to protect the lower neck. It is also to avoid wearing a neck warmer. I wear a very good balaclava, in addition to the turtleneck sweater that eliminates moisture and is airtight for maximum protection.

The overalls are the same as last year, and for the heat, they do not give their place. And the lightweight and EVA thermal boots are robust and have an aggressive sole. I wear these for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, snow removal, and walking, and they are very hot.

The modular helmet with electric and solar visor is easy to use with gloves. It is equipped with a quick attach, two pairs of cheek cushions for comfort, and is perfect for those who wear glasses.

Conclusion of Choko Tests - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

The cap and toque are pleasant to wear. The toque fits well in the coat pocket to put it on when you take breaks outside or to attend activities.

Travel bags are used at all rides to bring accessories that can help me or another snowmobiler. I always carry tools, safety equipment, and spare clothes. I adapted my travel bags, and, in a few minutes, they are installed on the snowmobile. 

Conclusion of Choko Tests - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

CHOKO manufactures high-quality clothing and accessories for snowmobiles and ATVs that make winter rides as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The girls who participated in the tests of the children and junior kits appreciated the warmth and comfort. Moreover, CHOKO outfits are no more expensive than a similar outfit that can be found in other popular brands.  

I recommend CHOKO products for a very warm winter.



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