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Comfort and style with Ski-Doo Riding Gear!

After many weeks of trials on trails, here are my observations about the Ski-Doo Riding Gear from BRP and about the Ladies’ Modular 2 Helmet.  I tested this high quality line of clothing in various weather conditions and ups and downs of Mother Nature:  excessive cold weathers, ice storm and heavy snowfall, this is what we had to deal with this winter!

The first item, I think the most important one, is the helmet.  The one I had the joy to test was the Ladies’ Modular 2 X-Team.  It is carefully made, every detail being taken care of.  The helmet is very resistant; indeed, despite the few branches met along the trails, there was no scratch on it or on the visor.  With the absorbent mask system (fighter pilot type), that completely covers the nose and the mouth, the breath fog is evacuated by vents on the sides of the helmet.  You should note that even at minus 36C, the helmet kept me from the cold, with absolutely no frost on the visor and this, without an electric visor.  The front push-button release system of the helmet is easy to use even with gloves.  Only one piece came off the helmet during the rides; I am talking about the small neck warmer located underneath the helmet, probably not well installed in the beginning.  It has been easily replaced after ordering a replacing part.

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