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CKX Titan Air Flow Test

CKX Titan Air Flow Test

After more than half a season wearing the CKX Titan Air Flow, I am now ready to give my impressions on the CKX helmet.

The Air Flow version of the helmet is a more ventilated version, which avoid too much humidity inside the helmet. Added to the muzzle that opens with a simple click, it is a complete helmet for a “backcountry” pilot. Amateur video makers, there is a removable GoPro® camera mount.

In terms of facial protection, the muzzle included moulded to my nose, which creates a seal when the goggles are placed on my nose. This way, there is no fog, even when I’m warm doing off trails.

CKX Titan Air Flow Test

The fabric nose guard goes up very high!

A pleasant surprise, the helmet even offers a neck protector that can be closed with a Velcro. Unfortunately, mine started to tear off its plastic edge during the season. I’m going to have to sew it up for next season!

CKX Titan Air Flow Test

We see that the fabric has torn off its plastic edge which is still attached to the helmet.

CKX Titan Air Flow Test

The protection offered by the neck warmer

On colder days, there are plugs that can be put in the air intakes to limit ventilation in the helmet. They are effective, but in very cold temperatures, just like any MX type helmet, it is not ideal.

The Goggles

It’s amazing not to see the edges on the sides, the vision is great thanks to this and the yellow tint. This reduces the light reflected by the snow and allows better visibility in more difficult conditions. As the 210° goggles were developed with the Titan helmet, they fit perfectly on it. In addition, the protections ensure that there is no fogging.

At the beginning, you have to give yourself time to find the “pin” to put the goggles down. I have sometimes dropped them, and they fell in my face. After a little practice, it won’t happen again!

CKX Titan Air Flow Test

It is very easy to remove the goggles

The Best of Both Worlds

As we all know, the astonishing feature of the CKX Titan is its modular design. Indeed, it is possible to open your muzzle to speak easily to your companions when stopping on the side of the trail, but also when you have just performed an off-piste manoeuvre and it is hot! I noticed a little moisture forming in the bottom of the muzzle, but it never froze, nor even bothered the opening or closing of the muzzle.

The CKX Titan helmet is designed for off-road pilots and even for track pilots who do not ride in extreme cold. It certainly makes discussions during stops more pleasant, since in literally two seconds you are free of goggles and muzzle. Moreover, with its bright style and lightness, it is difficult not to consider it when buying a helmet! Once again, thanks to Kimpex for making this helmet test possible!

CKX Titan Air Flow Test

My test of the CKX Titan is a success!


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