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Since one year now, I wear the Throttle gloves from CKX whenever I go snowmobiling.  Like  most snowmobilers, I am interested in comfortable and warm gloves.  Compared with mittens, all gloves on the market must struggle with cold.
Especially in the latest days, I ride on the Monts Valin at -20 and -30 °C, on a machine equipped with hand guards and a low windshield that provides me minimal protection.  I am not about to say that I did not feel any cold or that I did not need to use the heated grips, but in comparison with all the gloves I tested until now, the CKX Throttle gloves are definitely my favorites.  
Besides their great efficiency against cold, I really appreciate the removable inner fleece.  Moisture is evacuated more quickly when we are stopped, just by taking out the lining; this way, it dries out in no time and so does the glove itself.
Moreover, we can wear the glove without the lining under milder spring temperatures, thus extending the usage time of the glove.  The other great feature is the flexible material that makes the glove very comfortable and agile when we manipulate our goggles, for example.  However, this flexibility could reduce the lifetime of the glove if we ride mostly off-trail or more aggressively.
Finally, I really like the cord adjustment on wrists; it totally prevents cold air infiltration.  Personally, this is my second pair and the Throttle gloves are my CKX favorites.  I wear them in all conditions all season long without any compromise.  For more informations, please click www.CKX.com .

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