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BRP offers many new accessories for 2020

BRP offers many innovating accessories for 2020. Among the large number of new items, four have caught my attention.

The first is the new OXYGEN helmet produced in limited numbers. Those who had the chance to try it last year have since adopted it. The helmet offers one of the most important criteria: vision. The big visor allows for a panoramic field of vision. Another interesting feature is the pivot contact system with an eLinQ magnetic connector at the rear of the helmet. The connection is done quickly and safely. The connection wire also includes a remote control to adjust the heat intensity of the visor. With the heat, there is no need for an anti-fog mask.

The helmet is made with the MFORGE technology, which is specifically designed to reduce wind resistance. It also has the benefit of being very light, even lighter than carbon fibre, which is a very sought-after characteristic among snowmobilers. The helmet is available in three colours: white, black and orange (which is new for 2020). It is available in sizes small to 3XL.


The new 20-inch Expedition Ski-Doo models on the new REV platform Gen4 do not come alone. More than 25 new accessories are offered. The one that stands out the most is the massive 135-liter cargo box built from sturdy and sustainable plastic. There are two integrated holders on both sides that allow you to carry an axe and a saw — two essential tools for a utility vehicle. You can stack LinQ accessories on the lid, which is lockable or easy to remove. The box is attached using the LinQ system. The 135-litre cargo box is standard on the Expedition SE model and optional for the Expedition LE and Extreme models. In sum, the cargo box is an essential item for the owners of 20-inch utility sled.  

If you do not have a cargo box and you want to carry an axe or an ice auger in a convenient and safe way, Ski-Doo offers a transport accessory with the LinQ quick-release system. The system is mounted to the side of the tunnel. This type of support can accommodate all kinds of axes and an auger with a blade up to 25.4 cm (10 in). These specialized tool brackets are designed for people who need to carry accessories quickly and without difficulty.

Finally, the last item that draws my attention is the low to medium height adjustable windshield. It is the third model offered by Ski-Doo. This windscreen is ideal for a quick adjustment to your desired height for the conditions. All you need to do is to lift a lever, adjust it to the desired height, and close the lever. The adjustable height varies between 37.5 cm (14.5 inches) to a medium height of 43.2 cm (17"). The windscreen is compatible with the hand protectors and glove compartment extension. This accessory will meet the needs of many snowmobilers, including myself.

The winter is at our doors, and it is time to think of your accessories. That's why I invite you to consult the Ski-Doo/BRP  website or visit a dealer near you.


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