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Ascender Platform

There is more and more backcountry snowmobile lover. Knowing that Arctic Cat had to improve their mountain snowmobile platform so, for 2018, here is the Ascender.

Ascender Platform

Engineers reduced the running boards by 1 in. and the overall profile by 10% than the previous model, for better side-hill and deep snow performance. Also, Arctic Cat dropped the drive shaft of 1.125 inches, which provides more maneuverability and the ability to get out of the snow. The increased track-to-tunnel clearance of 3″ allows, between the track and the tunnel, to use 8-tooth drive sprockets, it gives you a flatter approach angle which improves floatability and maneuverability.

Ascender Platform

Those updates assure you more fun in hills. The revised bellypan shape allows the rider’s feet to move 2 inches further for better ergonomic options for the driver.

The test mountain snowmobile drivers of Motoneiges.ca really felt the difference compares to the other version. Also with the new platform, the snowmobiles range can come with the new 800 cm3 engine form the 8000 series. It will increase the pleasure of the driver in backcountry trails. 

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