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Arctic Cat celebrates their 50th anniversary in 2012!

The Minnesota manufacturer plays for high stakes in 2012. The major modifications concern the introduction of a new chassis and the launch of many models.

A new chassis!!

ProCross and ProClimb!!!

We asked for it, here it is!! To celebrate their 50th anniversary in style, Arctic Cat presents a brand new chassis.

This new chassis weighs many pounds less than the Twin Spar. The F 1100 lost 51 pounds over the 2011 Z1, 64 pounds in its turbo edition. We must also remember the 2011 F8 that weighs 57 pounds more than the 2012 F 800. This new chassis will be part of 50 % of the 2012 line, on performance, crossover and mountain machines!!!

The tunnel of the new chassis is made of 2 pieces riveted together. The rear part makes the difference between the mountain edition (ProClimb)

and the ProCross short edition

Air intake…

The air intake system is also very different. It is mostly inside the hood

and the air comes from each side of the handlebar. This way, the air intake is easier at high speed since usually, a negative pressure occurs at this point.

Front suspension… Arctic Race Suspension

The new chassis comes along with a completely redesigned front suspension! As you will notice, the weight issue has been emphasized… The one-piece spindles being taller, they provide an easier handling.

The upper swing arm is now U shaped with the ball joint integrated to it

The lower swing arm is now V shaped. We can also see the torque bar connected to it by a new arm with ball joints.

Rear suspension…

The rear suspension includes new lighter weight and stylish cradles. The most important modification concerns the rear rolling; there are now only two wheels to guide the tracks on both chassis, ProCross and ProClimb. Many will say this is not new since the good old 2003 F7 had it!!! Well, effectively, it did but now, the two wheels are connected together and tied together with a Tri-hub rear axle system. This improves the strength and the durability!!

The ProCross suspension keeps its slide-action version while the XF and M editions keep their front swing arm.


Another major modification with this new chassis is that chain and clutches are back!! The engineers have designed a multi-function magnesium chaincase; a reservoir is molded in the case cap and it is used for the injection oil on the two-stroke models and for the engine oil on the four-stroke engines.

The steady part is also used as tie and reinforcing point to the chassis!

ADS (Arctic Drive System)

The ADS reduces most of the eccentricity between the two clutches. It consists of a connecting rod between the engine and the cross shaft on which is set the driven clutch. With this system, the belt is more durable and thus, the performance of the clutches is improved. This rod is also connected to the chassis with a rubber caliper that acts as engine support.

As an engine moves lightly, the engineers had to be sure not to create another problem by keeping a constant perfect axis between the two clutches with this rod. This way, if the engine moves, the cross shaft of the driven clutch also moves so the ball bearing located at the other end is now oval shaped which allows the shaft to move without being damaged. And since the distance between the two clutches is long enough, this variation will not affect the durability of the chaincase components.

The brake system

The brake system is also new. The disk is now located under the driven clutch. But the most important modification concerns the master cylinder.

The Radial Master Cylinder brake system developed on «superbike» motorcycles since many years, is now adapted to the new chassis. The point of contact between the piston and the lever arm is now located between the fingers and the pivot point of the lever. This is much more efficient!!!

New shocks


The M 800 HCR and M 1100 Turbo HCR mountain models will be equipped with the most recent Fox air shocks : the Fox Float Evol. This shock has an outer tank that provides a larger air capacity, but also allows more adjustment in order to improve the shock reaction at travel end.


All the models equipped with the new chassis also have a new driven clutch, more resistant and bigger, 10,75 inches instead of 10,4 inches on the previous models. This provides smoother starts.

In order to improve the duration of the belt, the 1100 cc turbo models have a kind of fan, set to the driven clutch, that pulls fresh air on the belt.

Here is a resume of the 2012 Arctic Cat line

The F570 is the down market model, with a 2-cylinder fan-cooled engine, along with the F5 LXR model. Both are built on the Twin Spar chassis with a 128 in. track.

The utility line presents the Bearcat; it is back in its standard edition with a fan-cooled 570 cc engine, in the 2-up version with a 4-stroke 1056 cc engine and in a new edition in 2012, the Groomer Special

that will sure be a plus in ski stations with its 4-stroke engine, cargo rack with strobe light and standard winch at front!

The 2-up touring line has not changed much. The standard model is the 570 cc and the luxury models are equipped with the Z1 4-stroke engine, turbocharged or not.

The sport Sno Pro 500 is back without major changes in 2012. This model is built for SnowCross fans.

In the performance category, all the models are equipped with a 128 in. track. We have the F 800, with the 800 H.O. engine, the F 1100 with the 2-cylinder 4-stroke 1100 cc engine and the F 1100 Turbo. The F 800 is offered in two editions, LXR and Sno Pro. The F 1100 and the F 1100 Turbo are both available in four versions : LXR, Sno Pro, Sno Pro Limited and Sno Pro 50th.

Then we have the crossover category; as for the performance category, all the models are equipped with a 141 in. track. The XF 800 is offered in two versions, LXR and Sno Pro. This model, with a 1100 cc 4-stroke engine, is presented in three editions : the XF 1100 LXR, XF 1100 Sno Pro Limited and XF 1100 Sno Pro 50th.

And finally, we close the 2012 line review with the mountain snowmobiles. They are all built on the new ProClimb chassis. The M 800, the M 800 HCR and the M 800 Sno Pro are equipped with a 153 in. track with various options. Please note that the Sno Pro edition can be ordered with a 162 in. track.

There is another novelty in 2012 : a mountain edition with the choice between two engines, the 1100 cc 4-stroke or the 1100 cc 177 hp turbo. A wide range of editions is available.

It would be hard not to talk about the ones that are gone. The snowmobiles equipped with 2-stroke 600 cc and 1000 cc engines are not part of the line anymore, such as the 2-cylinder 1000 cc engine. Finally, we also notice that the CFR and Crossfire models, both upgraded versions of the good olf Firecat, have been taken off.

In short, the Arctic Cat people offer a mass of changes in 2012 to celebrate their 50th anniversary!


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