2019 Polaris Titan XC Test Review

2019 Polaris Titan XC Test Review

It is now the time to do the review of the 2019 Polaris Titan XC. This awesome snowmobile offers a perfect balance between different vocations; utilitarian, on-trail and off-trail. In fact, this machine performs so well in each of the segments that I would like to compare it to a Swiss Army Knife! Discover with me these many characteristics and abilities through my experiences at its helm.   

Polaris Titan XC 2019 : Bilan d’essai - motoneiges - motoneigistes

The Polaris Titan in Federated Trails

The 2019 Polaris Titan XC performs marvellously well in trails thanks to an effective mechanical that who has proved its worth. It is the 800cc Cleanfire H.O. 2-stroke engine that has been reviewed for the occasion with a better cooling system. Furthermore, even in very hot weather, we never have to worry about the engine temperature. Equipped with this mechanical and huge 155” x 20” wide track with 1.8”, studs, accelerations are very powerful and recoveries just as much. The sound is exhilarating and encourages to play with the accelerator. However, the noise and vibration emanating from the track diminish the experience a little. 

Polaris Titan XC 2019 : Bilan d’essai - motoneiges - motoneigistes

The Gripper PRO-FLOAT skis offer excellent grip for this type of vehicle, and the use of the wonderful FOX QS3 shock absorbers provides an exciting driving experience on the trails. Although the Polaris Titan XC is relatively heavy, its weight is not felt in when it comes to manoeuvrability. The AXYS chassis is undoubtedly responsible for this. Offering rigidity and remarkable lightness, this chassis provides general balance, one of the best in the industry.

With the use of all these high-quality components, performance is increased in trails, and the sensations delivered to the driver are impressive despite the utilitarian vocation of the 2019 Polaris Titan XC. 

Polaris Titan XC 2019 : Bilan d’essai - motoneiges - motoneigistes

Off-Trail Situations

Outside of the trails, the Polaris XC Titan is very comfortable. It huge track provides increased flotation, and the front skis are just the right size to stay on top of the snow or to penetrate the snow when you toggle from left to right. When we push the machine further, we can slalom without too much effort and the feeling delivered to the driver is really sensational. We quickly forget the 20” track and always try to go further and higher in the off-trail areas. However, we are not at the helm of a 100% off-trail snowmobile and the disadvantage lies with the weight. Hence, when we decide to climb a mountain with a strong inclination, we sometimes found ourselves in unfortunate positions, and it is challenging to get a more than 600 lb out! Better to have good friends with you. 

Polaris Titan XC 2019 : Bilan d’essai - motoneiges - motoneigistes
“In a Caravan let’s go to the cabin!“

The Sugar Season

The best time of the year has arrived, and no, it’s not Christmas. It’s time for the Sugar Shack to make delicious maple syrup. It is also the predestined time to put the Polaris Titan XC to the test in the environment for which it was created. Thereby assessing its utilitarian capabilities. With the help of an old done-up sled from the ’60s, we can transport buckets and other knick-knacks for the tapping period. 

Polaris Titan XC 2019 : Bilan d’essai - motoneiges - motoneigistes

Then, a tank is installed on this sled, and we can harvest the maple water. We must drag this weight of more than 700 lbs. The Polaris Titan XC meets the challenge without any problem, and we fell in total control despite the heavy rear load that wavers at times. In passing, we must thank the transmission offering 2 ratios (Hi/Lo), a neutral position and a reverse for being able to exploit the potential of the machine fully. Thanks to the 800cc engine and the transmission, the towing capacity is of 1200 lbs. Besides, the cooling system helped keep the engine temperature low even if the thermometer was easily above the freezing point. We’re really dealing with a snowmobile that can work very hard. 

Polaris Titan XC 2019 : Bilan d’essai - motoneiges - motoneigistes
Lock & Ride® Versa Rear Cargo Box – Very spacious rear luggage compartment.

Another aspect that I greatly appreciated on the Polaris Titan is its rear platform (Read…) with the Lock & Ride® system. Several specially developed components to attach it are available in the catalogue. Our test snowmobile was also equipped with a “Versa Rear Cargo Rack.” Therefore, sides to transform the platform into a box to carry and attach everything that crosses our mind. As a bonus, we have the “Versa Rear Cargo Box.” A very spacious box. It is even easier to carry tools, spare clothes, your lunch, etc. 

Polaris Titan XC 2019 : Bilan d’essai - motoneiges - motoneigistes
A man happy about his test of the 2019 Polaris Titan XC.


After a season driving the 2019 Polaris Titan XC, I tried giving you an overview of its strengths that make it so enjoyable as well as the desired improvements;


  • Versatile: Performs well in the trail all while being useful as utilitarian.
  • Excellent driving position ergonomics.
  • Flotation and traction of the huge track
  • Off-trail effectiveness
  • Impressive manoeuvrability for a snowmobile fitted with a 20” track.

Desired Improvements:

  • Track noise and vibrations
  • Fuel/oil consumption reduction (I got 20 to 30 litres every 100 km).
  • Protection against the wind – a higher windshield exists on the Adventure version.

Closing Remarks

I drove and especially had fun with the Polaris Titan XC many times. Each time that I mount it, I am impressed by its versatility and the fun factor that it delivers. Although it has some improvements, it still has several strengths. That is why I recommend it to you without hesitation.

Sledmagazine.com would like to thank Polaris and RPM Rive-Sud in Lévis who made this long-term test possible. 

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