2014 Renegade X E-TEC 800R : first impressions after 1 000 km

Time has come to share my first impressions on this snowmobile that I admired during a few weeks in my garage, comparing it with the Renegade X E-TEC 600 H.O. I was riding last season. Today, I will mostly talk about the looks, comfort, handling on trail and off trail and its power. 


The rounded side panels and the white/red/black colors provide quite an aggressive body style to this beast. You just want to get on it and leave for adventure on trails to discover what the manufacturer has put in it this year for extreme riders.

sleds - Renegade E-TEC 800 R


First, this model is 4 kg/9 lbs lighter than my last 600 cc. Effectively, the 600 weight was 218 kg/480 lbs and the 800 weight is 222 kg/489 lbs. We do not feel the difference on trail due to the power of the 800 cc engine. The front rounded panels let us get the right position according to our type of riding. This 2014 model is as much easy to handle than the 2013 600 cc model and cornering is so easy that minimum effort is required from the pilot in turns and even in very sinuous trails. This easy cornering is mostly due to the forward position of the handlebar.
I had the chance to ride off trail under the great conditions we knew before the Holidays. I tested the Renegade X E-TEC 800R off trail in more than 24 inches of snow and its handling was so supple that I had the impression of floating on air. The different weight and the powerful engine make no difference with my 600 cc of last season. But I think that we can more easily zigzag in deep snow with the 800 cc.

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sleds - Renegade E-TEC 800 R


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Here is all the difference : the 800 cc engine with 163,9 hp. As snowmobilers say, it has plenty of power under the hood in curves and in acceleration, it feels like the snowmobile sticks to the trail. This allows us to negotiate turns with more control and to avoid riding on the opposite side of the trail. As I have never had the chance to ride a 800 cc during a full season, I noticed that in acceleration, the engine delivers more power the same way it did when I first took off. This is the moment when we get the aggressive riding sensation and it is a breathtaking one. This is also at that moment that the difference between the 600 cc and the 800 cc is obvious. Without any doubt, I can tell you that the 800 cc engine is one of a kind.


Our comfort is improved by the rMotion suspension and the antiskid material of the seat that keeps us warm under colder weather. I have to say that my suspension has been set to the lowest position for the beginning of the season; this makes my rides softer. Later in the season,  I will set it at a higher position and then, I will have to modify my type of riding mostly in bumpy trails.

sleds - Renegade E-TEC 800 R


At this time of the season, I am very happy with my choice. I had been wondering if this snowmobile would not be too powerful for me; but finally, I just have to respect my own limits. As the machine was in its break-in period, the consumption results can’t be precise enough. In my next article to be published, I will be able to give you a more complete report on this 2014 Renegade X E-TEC 800R.

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Have a great season and safe rides; your life is important to us.

sleds - Renegade E-TEC 800 R