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ZR 200

With Yamaha collaboration, Arctic Cat developed a new range of snowmobile for kids between the ages of 8 and 14, it’s a first in 2018.

ZR 200

The ZR-200 is not a toy, it has been made to go on trails. It’s approved in some states and provinces, it has headlights and the backlights. Here in Quebec, we still have to wait until it has an odometer, so it can be approved for trails. The snowmobile has a 4 strokes engine cooled by a fan and has 9 horsepower. It can go up to 50 kilometers. Even if it is a small snowmobile it is equipped with some equipment you find on adults snowmobile.   

ZR 200

For example, the Arctic 200 mechanical drive that enables optimal performance when at a low, medium or high level of output. A front suspension with hydraulic twin tube shock absorbers, a runner rear suspension and a shock absorber with a coil spring which provided comfort in rough trails. There is also a heated handle so you won’t have cold hands. 

You can now go for a ride with all your family. This snowmobile will please kids and adults who are still young at heart. 

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