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When Yamaha asked us to put some heavy miles on a 2015 SR Viper R-TX LE and tell our readers all about it, we happily agreed. 

Because the 2015 LEs’ are some of the most exciting feature packed Limited Edition sleds that Yamaha has ever brought to market. 
Snowmobile 2015 SR Viper R-TX LE

High performance attention grabbing graphics, ultra adjustable high performance Fox float 3 EVOL RC/ZERO PROS shock package, a 2nd season calibration refinement of their high performance SR Viper chassis, new deeper keel tuner skis and possibly the best 4 stroke engine ever offered on a snowmobile. 

Needless to say, we can’t wait for the snow to fly!

Our plan of attack is to have Three SledMagazine.com Test Riders from various snowmobile backgrounds and experiences offer their unique perspective on the performance, balance, comfort and power of the 2015 R-TX LE across an unlimited and wide range of miles. 

Perspective 1
A long time Yamaha faithful rider with mega miles on Apex and Vector chassis’.  What will he think? What will he feel? How will the LE’s rough trial calibration compare to the more trail compliant calibrations of his previous Yamahas. Will he prefer or recommend the R-TX DX model?

Perspective 2
A high miler with significant experience on a competing Brand that is widely held as being the industries currently #1, 4 stroke engine and chassis combination. He’s excited, ready, willing and able to make a comparison to what has been one of his favorite rides of all time. Will the R-TX package be able to impress and overcome a pre-existing bias?  This segment of our long term trial should be very interesting to readers who would like to consider a brand change. 

Perspective 3
A former 4 stroke rider of 6 years, who has enthusiastically ridden next generation 2 stroke powered sleds for the past 2 winters. How will the proven Yamaha Genesis FI 4 stroke in the lighter more balanced, more bump capable SRV chassis compare to the 2 stroke’s response and balance advantages that he has experienced over the past 2 seasons?  Stay tuned, it’s going to be quite a ride.

We thank Yamaha for their recognition of credibility and unique “reader preferred” approach to long term trials and welcome Frank’s Motorcycle of Essex Center Vermont as the supporting dealer for the 2015 SledMagazine.com SR Viper R-TX LE . 

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