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Why SledMagazine.com?

“Our format” We are unique in the snowmobile media community. Rather than single columnists being assigned the job of giving their impression of a particular sled, Each of our passionate Snow Shoot columnist give you their independent, personal view of the industries newest technologies, features and models. Our multipoint format offers our readers different perspectives, more information, different writing styles and more of the raw reaction that all snowmobilers can relate to.

“We ride” Our long term trials are like none other. We don’t ride our fleet of Manufacturer supplied sleds for hundreds of miles; we ride them for thousands of miles. Our ride reports are based on the significant mileage, experiences and impressions of an entire season riding in the same locations and riding environments that you ride in.

“Real and Relevant” We give you much more than brief, after the fact summaries of our season. We give you real time; 1st impressions, 1st 1,000 kms, mid season reports and full season recap articles. “Real and relevant” that’s what our readers consistently indicate they are most interested in, what they rely on most when making a new sled purchase and what they have come to expect from the SledMagazine.com team.

“Content” We are not limited by page space or number of issues published. Our web magazine format allows us to present more snowmobiling information more frequently. You get fresh content across a wide range of snowmobile trials, news, topics, destinations and events with the added benefit of searching a vast library of previously written articles, anytime you choose.

“We are you” Each of our columnist and collaborators has a unique passion for our sport. Read our profiles and we are certain that you will see a lot of us in you. You will also see members of the SledMagazine.com team attending or covering snowmobile events across the North East. We go where snowmobilers go.

“Access” Our organizations credibility and unique personal connection to snowmobilers continues to earn our team exclusive invitations to many advanced information and experience events. Our access includes advanced information releases, Technical presentations, Photo shoots, long term trials, product reviews, exclusive new model riding opportunities and unique behind the scenes interviews.  

Why SledMagazine.com? It’s simple! We are you and we bring experienced based, real and relevant content to our readers in every article.

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