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Who performs your snowmobile maintenance?

Have you ever realized that the mechanics of a snowmobile is subject to the worst conditions of use ever.  Indeed, when we start up the machine, the engine suffers a wide range of weather differences in only a few minutes… Our cars also get the same stress, but when we ride on the trails, this is where the snowmobile must show off since it must perform with ice under the chassis as well as with the bumps, the often unbearable cold of our climate and more…  The next time you will be riding on trail and that you will be following a sled on a bumpy trail, take a good look at the suspension work…  It is really subject to a huge endurance test!!!
With such conditions of use, the preventive maintenance takes all its meaning.  Indeed, to quickly detect the marks of use or the wrong adjustments can keep you from a major break disagreement.  Moreover, a snowmobile in perfect shape will be more performing and will allow you to save on fuel.

A few weeks ago, we asked our readers the following question: « Who performs your snowmobile maintenance? »

Our first observation is that almost half of the 500 respondents (45 %) told us that their dealer was doing the maintenance.  42 % of the snowmobilers do it themselves.  7 % bring their machine to a repair shop and 6 % go see a friend.

With snowmobiles equipped more and more with high-tech features, it will be interesting to see the tendency that will occur during the next years.

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