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What’s new in the antique snowmobiles? – A rebuild by SledMagazine.com!

What’s new in the antique snowmobiles? – A rebuild by SledMagazine.com!

What’s new in the antique snowmobiles? - A “rebuilt” by SledMagazine.com!
Ski-Doo Formula Mach 1 1994

In a world where old muscle cars, such as Chevelle, Cuda, Camaro, and others of this type are on the front page, where are the old snowmobiles in our hearts? Who hasn’t already dreamed of having or building one? Lovers of these cars have understood the importance of keeping the past alive by designing and reconditioning them. Whether you dreamed of it or owned one when you were younger, there are many good reasons to do so!

These snowmobiles were pioneers in technology several years ago; they were the best for snow. What happened between the time these snowmobiles were bought new in the 70-80-90s, polished after each ride and today? It is necessary to start to preserve them since units in good condition are beginning to be rare. Often, trying to find one with the main parts in good condition is a miracle! From experience, it is generally easier and cheaper in some cases to start a project with a good chassis, seat not ripped or sunburnt, cab not broken, original window and a defective engine, than a snowmobile that has a new engine. Refreshing a chassis is expensive, but the hardest thing is to find some parts that are now discontinued.

You must turn to eBay and other specialized sites in the hope of finding THE missing piece or pieces.

Although many manufacturers offer models with great collection potential, we have chosen a snowmobile that has been sold in larger quantities to make it easier to find parts used or new. The snowmobile is a Ski-Doo Formula Mach 1 produced in 1987 units in 1994. Why this snowmobile? First, because this is the last year of the Progressive Rate Suspension (PRS) snowmobiles and this model is equipped with the famous 670 engine that was unique that year. The engine, exhaust system and carburation of the previous year’s Mach 1 were different. Another feature of this model is the medium windshield that has a sportier look without totally compromising wind protection. Also, the snowmobile comes with the electric starter and the reversal to make our lives a little easier, even if this snowmobile will not be used every day. The primary goal will be to participate in antique snowmobile rides, exhibitions and especially to appreciate the character of these old mechanics.    

What’s new in the antique snowmobiles? - A “rebuilt” by SledMagazine.com!
What’s new in the antique snowmobiles? - A “rebuilt” by SledMagazine.com!
Mach 1 670 1993 engine and 1994 

Basically, this snowmobile was found in the classified ads near my home and had been stored in a barn for a year (yes, a real barn finds). The engine had stopped working, and according to the seller, it was only a minor repair… (The future will tell us!) The cab was broken at the front, the windshield was not the original one, because it was the very high model, the seat had been fixed on one of the seams and most of the components must be rebuild or repainted. The order is big, but the fact that it was the last year of one of my favorite models, that the papers were in order and that it had the starter and the reversal was significant advantages. After some discussions with the seller, the snowmobile was loaded into the trailer.

What follows will test my skills as a mechanic… I will share my experiences with you throughout this rebuild. From the COMPLETE reconditioning of the engine (it will be necessary to find the cause of the problem…), driven and leading pulleys, sandblasting, painting of the parts, electrical issues and more. One of the main changes will be to remove stickers that have dry under the sun for several years to put new ones back on. Unfortunately, the stickers are no longer available directly from Ski-Doo. We will, therefore, work on this project with the help of Mark Olan from Doodecals.com. We will show you the right technique to remove stickers easily and reapply them.

We hope to stimulate your curiosity, but above all to motivate you in your present and future projects!

What’s new in the antique snowmobiles? - A “rebuilt” by SledMagazine.com!
Mach 1 ready for a rejuvenation


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