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Vincent’s Ski-Doo Favourite: Expedition Xtreme

During the Snow Shoot, I had the chance to try out all the new 2020 snowmobile models. Of course, I had a few crushes, and now I’m sharing the one I had for Ski-Doo with you. I was hesitating between two models including the Summit with the Expert Package, but the Expedition Xtreme was without a doubt my favourite and here’s why… 

Vincent’s Ski-Doo Favourite: Expedition Xtreme - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

First of all, we have to admit that at first glance, the Expedition Xtreme offers an eye-catching look with its red lava colour. The REV Gen4 chassis conceals a high-performance engine that needs no introduction, with the 850 E-TEC 2-stroke engine producing 165 horsepower.

To efficiently transmit power as well as offer the versatility of a utility machine, a 154" x 20" wide track and 1.8” spikes equip this mount. It’s very aggressive and efficient in deep snow while providing an incredibly quiet ride. In fact, like comparable products on the market, the quiet running and vibrations are hardly noticeable. Hats off to the development team at Ski-Doo. 

Onboard, what surprises from the very first minutes is the ease and overall balance of the machine. Although you end up with a long and wide track, it’s easy to drive. You quickly forget that it’s a utility snowmobile and you find yourself pushing the machine harder and harder. No matter how much ground is in front of us, we do not doubt that we can get through and we go for it. It’s a pure pleasure at every minute. 

Trail riding is intuitive. The snowmobile is very stable in curves, provides good acceleration and the power transmitted to the wide track makes the skis take off on demand. When you find yourself in an off-trail situation, it is very easy to create an imbalance from left to right to perform maneuvers. In addition, the buoyancy is excellent, and you can go almost anywhere. 

Another very interesting aspect of the Expedition Xtreme is its huge rear platform with LinQ brackets. A wide range of options are available to equip this model, and brand new accessories that can be installed on the platform have been created especially for the Expedition series. That’s what you’d expect from Ski-Doo. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the versatility of a snowmobile that allows you to work, ride comfortably on trails as well as perform off the beaten track … the Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme is definitely the one for you!  

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