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Three seasons with the WheelTracker

What are the advantages of using the WheelTracker hydraulic wheels system? Just think about loading your snowmobile on your trailer and unloading it.  When you stop at a gas station or at a restaurant, even when you are not moving and about to cross a road while skis are on pavement and track is on icy surface, you will enjoy this accessory.  By a simple push of the switch located on your handlebar, the wheels will deploy in three seconds and you will retake control of your machine.  Also, the WheelTracker may prevent backaches.


It was the third season in 2013-2014 that I used the WheelTracker hydraulic wheels system.  During the last three years, it happened many times that I activated the system at ?30 °C  without any problem; it just took a few more seconds.  During the last year, we added some mudguards to protect the snowmobile against splashing water and mud when wheels are deployed.  It does a good job.

The WheelTracker system is expensive, but do not forget that you can switch it to another snowmobile, no matter the make.  This amortizes significantly the purchase cost.  The manufacturer SCM-GL uses quality materials that make the product durable.  I am going to install the WheelTracker on another snowmobile for my 2014-2015 season.

The WheelTracker hydraulic wheels system exceeded my expectations and this is why I recommend it, in particular for the safety it provides.

For more information about this product, please visit : https://www.snowtracker.com/a-propos.aspx

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