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The trial of the Polaris Indy 600 SP 2018

The trial of the Polaris Indy 600 SP 2018

Motoneige The trial of the Polaris Indy 600 SP 2018

This season, we will try the 2018 Polaris Indy 600 SP.

The snowmobile has been made for several years now and it's well known by snowmobilers. She was a little be modernized in order to make it accessible to all and at a very competitive price. For many years, the Indy model was very present on the trails. Today, with all the different snowmobiles available, it’s time to rediscover it to see all the qualities it as to offer.

Certainly, the Indy with its 600 CC and 120 HP isn't one of the most powerful snowmobiles on the market. On the other hand, it fits for people who are looking for a light snowmobile, easy to use on trails and at a very affordable price.

The engine is a 2 cylinder 2 stroke and the AXYS suspension makes the Indy a reliable and pleasant snowmobile on the trails. The Indy have a nice look with its blue and black colors.

The very conservative dimensions in terms of length and weight make it a snowmobile easy to carry to the trails, easy to handle and fun to drive. You rediscover the flexibility that was lost with increasingly long and heavy snowmobiles that meet other needs than simply discover the trails and the beauty of the landscapes.

In terms of convenience, it has an electric start, reverse, heated grips and a good size windshield to protect against cold. You can install a small bag under the saddle or even a bag on the handlebars. The Indy is a basic snowmobile without equipment that you don’t really need.

We will give you more information on this sled built with modern technologies and accessible at a very affordable price, around $10,000, depending on the model and additions.

We will keep you up-to-date on all the results of our tests. 

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