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The Québec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) reports on snowmobile season 2008-2009

Part 3: The role of the FCMQ in sensitizing its members to environmental issues

Aware of its role within the snowmobile community and the industry as a whole, the Québec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) presented a 5-year environmental action plan on September 19, 2008 during its annual congress. The Federation has adopted the goal of implementing concrete actions focussed on the principles of sustainable development in the practice of snowmobiling in Québec. It hopes to create synergy between the various players and stakeholders, and to promote and further the sustainable practice of snowmobiling in Québec. “We are moving forward one step at a time. We want to make sure that concrete action is taken and show that compromise solutions exist,” underlined Mario Côté, President of the FCMQ. “For example, the exposure offered by the FCMQ to students of the École de technologie supérieure in the framework of their green snowmobile research project is an opportunity to put forward this genuine laboratory devoted to the search for solutions. Viable alternatives can emerge from the students’ work and the Federation is encouraging them by providing support throughout the whole year.” The environmental action will be analyzed every year, which will allow for adjustments to be made for the season to come.

Actions accomplished during season 2008-2009: 

  • Development and launching of a 5-year environmental action plan
  • Partnership for the exposure of the green snowmobile project of the students members of the QUIETS Club of the École de technologie supérieure in Montréal
  • Compensation for the carbon emissions generated by the 2009 Kelly Shires Cancer Run and the 2009 Safety Caravan (planting of over 800 trees close to the trail), based on an agreement with Tree Canada

Information and awareness activities accomplished during season 2008-2009: 

  • Conference on the environment during the FCMQ’s annual congress
  • Editorial advertising on the FCMQ’s environmental actions in issues Motoneige Québec magazine, distributed to 60,000 households in Québec
  • Publication of a new column, « L’empreinte écologique » (Green footprint), by environmental journalist François Thiboutot), in every issue of Motoneige Québecp magazine
  • Production of a Web page on the FCMQ’s website presenting the environmental actions 
  • Sensitization and information on the recovery of used oils on the FCMQ’s website, with the contribution of the UOMA

About FCMQ :
The Québec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) strives to further the development and promotion of the practice of snowmobiling, a recreational and family activity that generates $1.3 billion in economic spin-offs every year. The Federation includes 208 clubs representing over 90,000 members. Thanks to the support of 4,500 volunteers, the Federation’s affiliated clubs manage the sale of trail permits for Québec’s 33,000-kilometer trail network, and see to its development, planning, maintenance, signposting, and safety.

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