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The Hydraulic WheelTracker System: the novelty of the year!

From October 14th to October 16th 2011, the Motorized Recreational Sports Show was held in Québec City. When I attended it, I had the pleasure to discover the hydraulic WheelTracker retractable wheel system with automatic positioning. This device seems to me like the novelty of the year among the snowmobile accessories for the 2011-2012 season. So many people visited the WheelTracker / SnowTracker stand that I know many others think alike!
What makes this system so wonderful is that the driver can spread the wheels without leaving his seat. Indeed, the driver can manipulate the wheels with a switch located on the handlebar. The wheels get in place in 3 seconds while it takes 2,8 seconds to retract them.
If you are concerned about your snowmobile weight, you will be happy to know that the whole system weighs only 11 lbs (5kg) distributed this way: 3 lbs on each ski, 5 lbs on the hydraulic pump filled with oil, wires and pipes.
The manufacturer assures us that the wheels stay correctly spread despite the obstacles encountered along the way and this, in forward motion as well as in reverse.  The system is also made to stand up to any weather condition (water, snow, ice, salt, ice storm…) and is functional up to -60 ºC. Furthermore, the WheelTracker system is offered with a 12 month guarantee.
On its first year of production, the Hydraulic WheelTracker System will be available in limited quantity. For more informations, please contact the manufacturer at 418-386-5903 or [email protected].
In the coming days, SledMagazine.com will put online a video clip about the Hydraulic WheelTracker System. Moreover, one of our pilot will have the pleasure to test this system during the next snowmobile season.  Follow our test for more informations !

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