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The FCMQ encourage the QUIETS’s team in their research

The Québec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) has chosen to support the future engineers of the École de technologie supérieur in Montréal (ÉTS – Université du Québec) who have embarked on a research and development project focused on a clean snowmobile. The recently created partnership will allow the students to make their project known among snowmobilers, throughout the industry, and in the business arena where they already have close ties.

Every year, the Québec Université Ingénierie École Technologie Supérieur team, or QUIETS, enters the Clean Snowmobile Challenge (CSC) held in the United States. The idea behind the event is to modify a production sled to make it greener without diminishing its performance. “The students of the QUIETS club are aware of the environmental and vanguard issues involved in their process. They are attempting to restore the image of the snowmobile, which is part of Québec’s industrial heritage, by greening its performance. We owe it to ourselves to provide them with both human and financial support,” stressed Normand Besner, General Manager of the FCMQ.

The FCMQ will shoulder the club’s participation in the Motorized Recreational Sports Show (SSRM) and in the FCMQ’s annual congress. “Furthermore, the 2008-2009 prototype will participate, on behalf of the Federation, in a fund-raising run which will take place right before a competition of particular importance to the club. Thus, they will have an opportunity to test their snowmobile in realistic conditions. We are also providing them with business and logistical support so that they may conduct their tests and search for sponsors,” stated Denis Levasseur, Vice-President of the FCMQ.

The QUIETS club illustrates the progress made in the research conducted to reduce the environmental impact and sound nuisance linked to snowmobiling. “This year, we intend to impress thanks to modifications that have never before been envisaged,” enthused Alexandre Gaboury, President of the QUIETS club. “Our objectives include namely to develop a new hybrid engine–a technology that has never before been put forward by the industry, and to surpass the results registered in 2008 when the snowmobile’s sound levels stood at 72 dB,“ added Didier St-Germain, Vice-President of the QUIETS club. Further information is available on the QUIETS website at: https://www.teamquiets.com

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