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The CKX Titan Helmet … The One That Adapts to Everything

I had the chance to try the TITAN helmet with electric goggles. I will not hide the fact that I had been looking at it for a while.

Why did I want this particular helmet? It was mainly for its ability to adapt to our specific type of outing. When you receive it, it is set up for trail riding with the long chin protector that perfectly protects the whole bottom part of the face and a neoprene deflector that acts as a balaclava. Honestly, it is perfect in cold weather, but the disadvantage of this set up is that you need to remove the goggles each time you want to open the mouth section. Not very practical!

As I did not like this configuration, although I spend 90% of my time driving in trails, I put in Backcountry mode. To do this, you need to withdraw all the large protections already installed in order to replace them with a shorter chinstrap and remove the neoprene deflector for a rubber deflector. This allows you to put the goggles on first and open the helmet without having to remove them!

I cannot conceal from you the fact that it is colder, but for my comfort, that is what I prefer! Be aware, however, that the adaptation possibilities are quite numerous. It makes this helmet almost perfect for the preferences of each and every one!

Then, the thing that impressed me the most.

If you remember well, this is the model with the heated goggles. Please be aware that I only connected it once, and it was on a day that was -25°! I spent the rest of the season with it disconnected and the goggles never fogged up! Not to mention the 210° field of vision that the goggles provide!

As for the comfort side of things, I can say that of all helmets that I have tested up to now, I find this one to be the most comfortable for the shape of my face. However, as with any good helmet, there are not only good things about it! The weakest point that I found for the Titan is that the hinges of the removable part of the helmet become quite saturated with ice, and this makes opening it, as well as closing it, difficult.

All in all, it is a success for CKX that once again offers a product to the height of the expectations of its clientele. For me, it is the best helmet to buy to this day, and this, regardless of the type of snowmobiler that we are!!!

For more informations go to : https://www.ckxgear.com/en-ca/products/snowmobile/helmets/backcountry-helmets




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