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The brand new 2016 Racing Arctic Cat : the ZR 6000 R

La motoneige de course Arctic Cat La ZR 6000 R SX
The ZR 6000 R SX

As usual, Arctic Cat unveiled their new 2016 Snocross race sled at the famous Hay Days Grass Drag races. Each year, this unveiling is the highlight event of the week-end where a big crowd gathers to see the presentation live!!


La motoneige de course Arctic Cat La ZR 6000 R SX
Unveiling at Hay Days!  

At first sight, the 2016 ZR 6000 R looks like the previous edition. But after a few minutes, you can notice all the innovations brought to the pilots’ toy.

Among the modifications, firstly is the new track with a 2.52 in. / 6,4 cm pitch a little more aggressive than last year, with lugs of 1.75 in. / 4,4 cm instead of 1.70 in. / 4,3 cm in 2015. The lug profile is different in order to reduce weight.

One of the most activated element in Snocross is without doubt braking. In 2016, the brake pads now have a thicker metallic frame for improved durability and also a new Stainless 2-pc brake disc for improved stopping power and reduced warping.

La motoneige de course Arctic Cat La ZR 6000 R SX
Rear arm adjustment Hole Shot device

The most important innovation is seen on rear suspension.  Arctic Cat introduces the rear arm adjustment Hole Shot device that allows you to modify the initial position of the suspension.

For improved starts in snowmobile, the suspension must be adjusted in order to allow the maximal weight transfer to the track. In other words, skis must lift a little at starting line. However, this type of adjustment is not very efficient when racing. So, we needed a system that would go back automatically to its initial position after the start. Well, engineers succeeded by introducing a spring-return device. You just have to bring down the suspension, to raise the adjustment lever and to start. As soon as the suspension is activated again, it comes back to its initial position.

This adjustment is located at the rear pivot arm of the suspension, when in setting 2, it takes the arm away from its pivot, which raises the rear of the track towards the tunnel. Giving a craddle effect to the suspension for a better start.  Somebody had to think of that!!

Please note that the ZR 6000 R is also built in XC edition for Cross Country fans!

La motoneige de course Arctic Cat La ZR 6000 R XC
The ZR 6000 R XC

Have a great racing season !!!

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