Testing the Yamaha Jerry Can Holder

Along with our long-term trial of the 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder B-TX SE 153 snowmobile, we had the chance to test many accessories available at your Yamaha dealers’. These accessories have been put to the test all season long in various conditions over 5 000 kilometers on our trial snowmobile.

2017 Yamaha Sidewinder B-TX SE 153 

We have tested the Yamaha jerry can holder (SMA-8LR21-00-BK). This accessory lets us bring an auxiliary fuel tank of 5 liters in a convenient and safe way. It is designed for a common size jerry can (approximately 22,4 cm x 16,5 cm x 25,4 cm, sold separately).

Any careful snowmobiler knows that sometimes, 5 liters of additional fuel can make quite a difference between a wonderful ride and a snowmobiling day with dramatic ending.

Jerry can holder and water-resistant pack attached onto the modular rack base

Made of lightweight aluminum painted in black, this accessory is quickly fixed onto the modular rack base (SMA-8KGRK-BS-BK) sold separately, which we also tested (see our other article about the modular rack base).

Modular rack base (SMA-8KGRK-BS-BK)

We particularly appreciated the quick-release latching system that makes the installation very easy. It takes less than 10 seconds to install it or to remove it. We fix it quickly and securely by a strap with velcro. Simple and effective as we like!

Jerry can holder and 5-L jerry can

We did not have any problem, no matter the conditions. We definitely recommend this accessory.