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Testing the RollerSki self-retracting wheel system from Qualipièces on Ski-Doo REV Gen4 chassis

Since many years, I had the chance to own and to put to the test different models of retracting wheels that let us ride our snowmobile on snowless surfaces. These systems are extremely efficient and it is easier for us to ride mostly when we have to go to a gas station or a restaurant. The Qualipièces RollerSki systems are known as excellent products and are available in many models to fit your snowmobile model. With the introduction of the new Ski-Doo REV Gen4 chassis for 2017, I was very curious to see if the RollerSki would be as efficient with this new chassis. For the MXZ TNT 850 E-TEC machine I was riding within my long-term trial this winter, the RollerSki model was the B-2000 for Pilot 5.7 skis. The B-2006 model is available for the machines with adjustable Pilot TS skis. After over 3 000 kilometers with this self-retracting wheel system, I am very happy to present my comments.


RollerSki B-2000 on REV Gen4 chassis

As soon as we open the box, it is obvious that the RollerSki from Qualipièces is made of top quality material and made to last long. It is rather easy to install by following the installation guide. If you prefer, your snowmobile dealer will help you. The RollerSki B-2000 matches perfectly the looks of the snowmobile and it is quite discreet. Since the RollerSki is attached to the axle as main support, it is extremely robust and does not cause any flexion pressure on plastic skis. As it was before, the system is easy to operate and we can easily ride on pavement. To deploy the wheels, all is needed is to put our foot on the pivot rod, to press on the ground and to draw on the ski handle. To retract the wheels, we only have to make the ski lift, by lifting its front end or by slightly rocking the snowmobile sideways.


RollerSki B-2000 on REV Gen4 chassis

All over the season, I really appreciated the RollerSki on my machine. It is easier to ride on pavement and furthermore, it significantly reduces the physical effort required in these occasions and it protects the snowmobiler’s back. Even if modern snowmobiles are lighter, efforts needed to move a snowmobile on pavement may hurt us. The RollerSki can prevent it. Personally, I think that the RollerSki system is essential for an important improvement of our overal snowmobiling experience. If you are interested by such a product, I strongly recommend you to take into consideration the RollerSki self-retracting wheel system from Qualipièces because of its quality making as well as because it is simple to use and efficient.


MXZ TNT 850 E-TEC 2017 équipée de RollerSki B-2000

Finally, I am very grateful to Qualipièces who allowed me to test the RollerSki B-2000 on my Ski-Doo snowmobile with REV Gen4 chassis within my long-term trial. For more details on the RollerSki and on the other products from Qualipièces, please click on www.qualipieces.com.

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