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Testing the Subzero gloves made by Motorfist

Subzero glove made by Motorfist

I have been asked to run this year a long-term trial of the Subzero gloves made by Motorfist. Here is my report.

When I put these gloves on for the first time, I immediately noticed that the size of the model I would put to the test was 2 size larger than my usual size. I wear Medium or Large gloves but this time, they were X Large. So, be careful before buying…

The leather and seams are very strong. On my first time, I even found them a little rigid, not enough supple, but after a few rides, the leather became more supple and everything was alright.

I had these gloves on in various conditions, from +2 to -15 °C, in snow, icy rain and even rain. In fact, during my last ride, we had wet snow and rain and yet, the Subzero gloves kept my hands dry. I only felt some moisture at the end of the ride. I cannot say if it would have been waterproof after a full day of rain, but under the conditions we had, I am more than satisfied. Anyway, our goal is not to go snowmobiling when it is raining…

Furthermore, to ride in my beautiful region of Montérégie, we must be ready for anything! This is why the Subzero gloves from Motorfist are perfect for me… One word says it all : icy rain. These gloves are equipped with Goggle Squeegee on the left thumb. I assure you that it works very well. Just rigid enough to remove the ice, but supple enough not to scratch the helmet visor or the goggles.

Goggle Squeegee on left thumb

Finally, in extreme cold conditions, once again the Subzero gloves exceeded my expectations. I get cold very easily and fortunately in such conditions, I only had to increase the heat level of the heated grip and I got very comfortable. However, we know that a glove usually remains colder than a good mitten, but then we loose our steering precision and it is harder to operate controls.


Wrist with adjustment strap

Shock cord at cuff

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