Still Counting the Days!

There is no better feeling in a snowmobiler’s garage than the presence of a new sled. If you have already enjoyed this experience this year, I envy you. If you are still awaiting your bundle of joy, I am with you, and I can’t wait.

Until the 2021 Polaris Matryx 146 arrives, I’ll get by with a little photo help from my friends.

Still Counting the Days! - Snowmbile - Snowmobiler

In my man cave environment, I’ll be surrounded by snowmobile stuff, stock car racing memorabilia and kart racing trophies. I’ll adjust the lighting to give a photo shoot appearance to my new ride. With a cold beverage in hand, I’ll sit on my shop stool with a grin on my face as I drool over the newest sled that I will ride into my next snowmobiling memories. We all do basically the same things. We touch it, inspect it, practice removing and reinstalling body panels, clutch cover and drive belt.

Still Counting the Days! - Snowmbile - Snowmobiler

All of this before beginning to accessorize our new dream machine with traction enhancements, storage accessories, preferred windshields, mirrors, customizations and more.

Soon we begin the adjustment of handlebars and controls to get just the right feel and position, then seeking pure perfection, we will adjust them again. We align the skis, aim the headlight, set shock, spring, and transfer presets to our baseline anticipation of the first ride conditions.

Still Counting the Days! - Snowmbile - Snowmobiler

Once the above pleasures are completed, we will officially “move in” with our tools, spare belt, tow strap (for our buddy), miscellaneous pieces parts, survival gear, emergency supplies and everything else that we have carried for years and hope we will never have a need for.

It doesn’t matter what brand, the feeling of anticipation and excitement is the same, and it’s awesome.

Still Counting the Days! - Snowmbile - Snowmobiler

For me, this cherished annual ritual has been delayed due to the world of COVID. Huge demand and supplier challenges have put many of us in this position. To Polaris’ credit, Snow Check customers are coming first, and they have made good on their guaranteed compensation to those affected by delayed delivery dates.

My shop is all clean and ready to welcome a new ride. My accessories are unboxed and ready for installation. My new brighter shop lights are ready and cold beverages are in the fridge.  

Still Counting the Days! - Snowmbile - Snowmobiler

Check the long-term trial section in the near future; I’ll be offering my initial impressions of our much-anticipated Polaris Matryx Switchback Assault 146. And YES, you are CORRECT! I did not reveal all the details of our 2021 long-term test ride and the questions we intend to answer for you—patience grasshopper.

Rest assured, I’m counting the days.