Spokane PD: officer followed footprints to snowmobile thief

The recent snow came in handy for authorities in North Spokane.

Police said footprints in the snow led police right to a suspected thief.

On Sunday, a woman reported her four snowmobiles and an enclosed trailer stolen from the 5300 block of N. Driscol.

Ten minutes later, someone else called 911 reporting that some men were unloading snowmobiles in the street in the street in the neighborhood of 4300 W. Crown.

Fearing arrest, two of the men ran. A third suspect had a different idea.

Hotel Roquement - Motoneige - Snowmobile

Police said 27-year-old Josh Letchworth tried to ride away on a snowmobile, but he ran off after it stalled in the road.

An officer said he followed footprints in the snow to find Letchworth hiding under a porch.

Police did not find the two other suspects. All four of the stolen snowmobilers were recovered.