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Snowmobilers reminded to register their sleds

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs is reminding snowmobilers to register their sleds locally, at any of the Erie County automobile bureaus. For more information and complete instructions about how to register a snowmobile, visit www.erie.gov/registrations.
“Snow has already begun to fly and we do not want any snowmobiler to be delayed in being properly registered,” Jacobs said. “Our winters are more fun on a snowmobile and we want riders ready to enjoy the season.”
Snowmobilers may also register by mail. Riders must complete both sides of New York state snowmobile registration form MV-82SN and provide a photocopy of an existing snowmobile registration, driver’s license and proof of membership in a NYSSA snowmobile club. Mail materials to the Jacobs’ office at 92 Franklin St., Suite 1, Buffalo, NY 14202 and include one check, per sled, made payable to the Erie County clerk.
Members of a snowmobile club will save money on their registration. Non-members must pay the full registration fee. 
Snowmobilers who are interested in joining one of those organizations may contact the Erie County Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, by visiting www.wnysnowtrails.com to get more information about local clubs, find out how to join online and obtain the latest news about snowmobiling in and around Erie County.
Erie County’s snowmobile trails are scheduled to open on Dec. 19, provided the ground is frozen and there is snow on the ground. Riders should check with their local clubs, at that time, to ensure the trails have been opened.
“We hope that all snowmobilers will register their sleds locally,” Jacobs said. “By doing so, it helps keep needed money in Erie County, instead of going to Albany.”
For more registration information, contact the Erie County Auto Bureau Call Center at 858-7450.

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