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Snowmobile Safety

In the PSA, Gerry James speaks about his son who died in a snowmobile incident last season.

" His sled hit an embankment on a curve sending him over the embankment and into some trees. Brian died at the scene."

Brian was just 22-years-old.

Governor Baldacci was on hand with something to say to Brian’s family.

" We just want to say thank you for your son and the contributions he made being a member of our Guard. He was part of an elite group, he was one of our heroes."

The snowmobile industry has a 300 million dollar economic impact on the state of Maine.

" Maine is the best place to sled."

Colonel Joel Wilkinson with the Maine Warden Service says there are easy steps folks can take to ensure safety while riding Maine’s trails.

An important one.

" Please leave a trip itinerary with a family member or loved one. Let somebody know where you’re going."

With a season like we’ve had so far, they say it’s important to know the conditions.

And always follow this rule of thumb.

" If you don’t know, don’t go."

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