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Six quick Tips to prepare for Snowmobile Season

Keep Your Sled from Going Dead with Royal Purple
With summer winding down and fall soon approaching, winter weather will arrive before you know it. Late summer and early fall are a great time for snowmobile owners to get their sleds ready for winter riding. Premium synthetic oil manufacturer, Royal Purple offers six tips to help riders prepare their snowmobiles for the trail.
Change Chaincase Oil
One of the most expensive and important parts of a snowmobile, proper chaincase maintenance is necessary to ensure a long, reliable service life. Drain the old chaincase oil and replace with a high quality synthetic lubricant, such as Royal Purple’s Max Gear. This will help prevent any accelerated wear or even premature failure of chaincase parts, which could result in loss of braking ability on many sleds.
Inspect the Drive Belt 
A simple visual inspection of the drive belt is any easy way to avoid getting stuck on the trail due to a slipping or broken drive belt. Remove the drive belt from the snowmobile and thoroughly examine it for damage or wear. Drive belts that exhibit any signs of layer separation, frayed edges, thin spots or missing or damaged belt teeth, should be replaced with a new belt. If any glazing is found on the belt teeth, lightly remove the glazing by hand using emery cloth or a wire brush.
Check All Lights
Properly functioning lighting is the most important safety item on a snowmobile. Snowy conditions and fewer hours of daylight during wintertime can make visibility on the trail a challenge. Check headlights, brake lights and running lights for brightness and illumination. Proper lighting not only helps riders spot any obstacles ahead, but also helps prevent dangerous collisions by ensuring you are visible to other riders.
Grease Suspension and Steering Parts
Much like an engine, the moving parts of a snowmobile’s suspension and steering must be properly lubricated to function smoothly among its full range of motion. Locate all zerk fittings on the sled’s suspension and steering parts and service with a premium synthetic grease designed to work well in winter temperatures, such as Royal Purple’s Ultra-Performance Grease. A properly greased suspension and steering system help maintain precise steering and a comfortable ride out on the trail.
Get Rid of Old Gasoline
If a snowmobile has been stored with gasoline in the tank, drain the old fuel and replace with fresh gasoline. Gasoline can begin breaking down in a little as 30 days. Fuel that has been sitting for extended periods of can separate and varnish, clogging ports in injectors and carburetors and causing costly repairs.
Use Fresh Oil
You wouldn’t use old gasoline in their sled, so why use old oil? Keep your engine performing its best by draining old oil from the oil tank and refilling it with a premium synthetic engine oil engineered specifically for snowmobiles equipped with two-stroke engines, like Royal Purple’s Snow 2-C. Snow 2-C is formulated to keep spark plugs and exhaust ports clean for maximum engine efficiency and performance. Snow 2-C also features Royal Purple’s proprietary additive technology Synerlec, protecting an engine’s rings, bearings and cylinder walls from metal-to-metal contact. With a pour point of -56°F, riders can add Snow 2-C oil to their sleds even in extreme winter conditions.

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