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Simms wants swift resolution on Terra Nova snowmobiling

Liberal MP Scott Simms says he’s unhappy about the delay in settling the snowmobiling question in Terra Nova National Park.

Three snowmobilers are set to go on trial next month after a confrontation with park wardens last winter. A charge against a fourth man was dismissed on Friday.

Simms took part in a protest ride through the park last winter.

Almost 11 months later, that incident is still under investigation.

Simms says the delay means the issue will take that much longer to settle.

"I was there, I was on the protest, so whether they charge me, I guess we’ll have to wait and see," Simms said.

"But my thing is, if it’s a charge of mischief, then me being the head cheerleader, perhaps they should charge me and let’s get on with it."

It’s currently illegal to drive a snowmobile through Terra Nova National Park.

Some people in Charlottetown, a community in the middle of the park, want a snowmobile corridor through the park so they can access other parts of the province where snowmobiling is allowed.

Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent has promised to meet with people from Charlottetown about a snowmobiling corridor.

But Kent says he won’t do so while there are cases before the courts.

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