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Short time trial, Ski-Doo MX Z X 1200

Few days ago we had the chance to hit the trails with two 2010 Ski-Doo sleds for short term trials.

As I write this text, I still have a huge grin ! We rode a MXZ X 1200 based on the REV XR platform. This snowmobile is powered with mostly the same engine and drivetrain than the touring GTX LE 1200 4-TEC we tried and loved so much last year. If you want an idea of the power to weight ratio, the GTX LE was 272 Kg heavy while this MX Z X is 231 Kg light – with the same powertrain !

The sled we are testing today belongs to the boss of TY Moteurs ! So, while being mostly stock, it has had a few improvements. On the aesthetics side, it’s black and it has had all graphics deleted, with all the frills taken away. While we are talking body, if you look closely at the photographs you will notice that a …


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