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Short-term trials: Yamaha RS Venture

Today, we have the opportunity to test the Yamaha RS Venture and what’s more, the trail conditions are quite good.  On my part, it will be the first time on a RS Venture; but friends of mine appreciate it since many years.  There are many editions of the Yamaha Venture and the RS version tested today is the classic of the family.

Yamaha RS-Venture 2011

The snowmobile made available to us today is equipped with ski runners and the rear cargo pad has been removed so that a trunk can be mounted, which is not the case today.

 Yamaha RS-Venture 2011

If you take a look at the pictures, you will see that the riding position is low seated with feet forward, as it was in good old days.  And here is the only imperfection of this snowmobile.  We know that some snowmobilers prefer this type of riding of course, there must be a few of them… but for us today, it has not been easy. Moreover, the handlebar is very low.  When you are seated low, knees against chin and with a very low handlebar, most of the turns require gymnastics to which we are not used anymore with the modern chassis.

Regarding the mechanics, it is very satisfying as we have here a 3-cylinder 4-stroke 120 hp engine.  The Genesis 120 produces incredible torque; it is smooth and rather silent.  The RS Venture version is equipped with carburetors while other editions of the Venture have fuel injection.  It has proven itself since many years and is very dependable.  It fits very well a touring machine and is also fuel-efficient.

The instrument panel is pleasant to consult, with an easy-to-read display despite the sled ergonomy that puts the head rather far from it.  There is a very large odometer, two tripmeters, the fuel level indicator and many other data, such as the heater settings.  The controls for these heating devices are located on both sides of the handlebar and they are easy to manipulate.

 Yamaha RS-Venture 2011

The windshield is not massive but does a very good job.  However, the driver’s size tremendously determines its efficiency.  Personally, I could see perfectly over it, but it was too tall for my colleague Jacques, who is a little shorter.  Consequently, he had to look through the upper strip all the time and we know that the quality of the vision is rather questionable.  Otherwise, we are very well protected from the wind.  The extra large windshield increases the protection.  The mirrors are adequately located and give a good rear vision.

Yamaha RS-Venture 2011

The seat is smooth and very comfortable for both the pilot and the passenger; it is roomy at rear.  The passenger beneficiates from heated hand grips and wind deflectors.  A suitable carrier rack is located behind the passenger’s backrest.  I am among those who believe that a high-mounted rear-exiting exhaust is hazardous to the luggage.  I have been subjected to this problem on a Apex…So, we must double our precautions and cinch the gear down with a strap to keep it secure.  The tail lights were quickly covered with snow, so they became almost useless.  We cleared them at every halt.

The steering is stable and the handlebar is not too heavy to operate.  We expect from a touring snowmobile not to be too nervous; the RS Venture responses perfectly, being stable and predictable.  If only the handlebar was positioned otherwise.

If you are a little nostalgic for the disco years and if the riding position suits you, the RS Venture is a very pleasant snowmobile with a very sound behavior in trail.  The seat is very comfortable and the protection from wind is excellent.  If furthermore your size allows you to look over the windshield, not through it, then go for it !  If not, the other models of the Venture line offer a modernized riding position, along with the fuel injection instead of carburetors.

Yamaha RS-Venture 2011

Today, we rode exactly 150 km and we consumed 24,1 l of fuel, for an average fuel consumption of 16 l / 100 km.

1 Handling and riding position 4 / 5  3 / 5
2 Comfort and suspension 4 / 5  4 / 5
3 Access to controls 4 / 5  4 / 5
4 Engine power 4,5 / 5  4,5 / 5
5 Engine noise and vibrations 4 / 5  4 / 5
6 Track rolling 4 / 5  4 / 5
7 Track pulling 4 / 5  4 / 5
8 Vehicle finishing 4,5 / 5  4,5 / 5
9 Odors and gas fumes 5 / 5  5 / 5
10 Fuel consumption  4 / 5 4 / 5
11 Passenger position 4 / 5 4 / 5
12 Passenger comfort  4 / 5  4 / 5
 Total  50 / 60 49 / 60

The snowmobiles we tested today have been gracefully made available to us by our excellent collaborator RPM Rive-Sud.

RPM Rive-Sud

226 Chemin des Iles
Lévis, Qc
G6V 7M5
Phone : 418-835-1624

We would also like to mention how much we appreciate the collaboration of Kimpex.  Indeed, our test pilots are equipped with Kimpex clothes and accessories.  We really wear them and we appreciate them !


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