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Safety Bulletin—Injury from spinning track

Snowmobile enthusiasts are reminded to use extreme caution if lifting their snowmobile to clear the track.  A recent event in central Newfoundland resulted in a 27 years old man losing his leg just below the knee as he was lifting his friend’s snowmobile from the rear to clear the track of snow.  The track separated and tore his leg completely off.

This is a common practice and should be discontinued immediately.  If a track has to be cleared of snow the snowmobile should be placed on a jack stand with a solid metal backing or placed on a jack stand with no one standing near the rear of the snowmobile.  Under no circumstances should anyone lift the snowmobile and hold it while the snowmobile is running.


The man was rushed to hospital where he is recovering.  The local Lions Club is looking for donations to assist in the purchase a prosthetic leg. 


Jason Lingard is an inspiration to all safety minded snowmobile enthusiasts. He is already making plans from his hospital bed to visit local schools when he gets his prosthetic leg to get this message out to younger riders.    

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