Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis

Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis


Time flies! I just realized that I am at the dawn of my 43rd snowmobiling season. You might say that I am old, but on the contrary, I started out in the snowmobile world at a very young age.

Let us leave the yesteryears behind and talk about the 2018 season. For a fifteenth year as a trial pilot, I am fortunate to have the trust of Les Équipements Maniwaki, and this for a second year, with the loan of a BRP product, the Renegade X 850 E-TEC 2018. I thank them.

I have not yet had the chance to test it, but rest assured that I am eager to hit the trails and discover what this machine’s concealing from me.

Even though I have not tried it out on the trails yet, here are my first observations:


With the Rev Gen4 chassis and ERGO-STEP side panels, this snowmobile has lots of style. It will surely please the drivers who love strong sensations.

Motoneige Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis

Snowmobile Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis

Compared to other snowmobiles, due to the new chassis’ design, the driver must position himself very close to the handlebar and well to the front. This ensures that the driver’s knees will be called upon when turning. The feet are not as deep in the cockpit, which allows the driver to move them outside more easily when negotiating curbs.

Snowmobile Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis


The 850 E-TEC engine, with 165 forces, was something new for BRP last year and it passed the test with flying colours. It gives the driver great sensations because recovery is instantaneous.

Snowmobile Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis

Here is some advice from the mechanical manager and owner of Les Équipements Maniwaki, Dominic Blais. The driver must be consistent when engaging the accelerator during the break-in period to avoid maximum accelerations because the computer saves the way we drive. When the break-in period is completed, the computer keeps the saved data which then influences the amount of oil and fuel that your snowmobile consumes during your rides.

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During the spring fever, I had to choose the track that I wanted to have on my trial snowmobile. Considering that the model is designed for off-trail, with a 137 inch track, I opted for the 1.6 inch studded Ice Cobra for better adherence in powdery snow.

Snowmobile Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis

Suspension and Shock Absorbers

The rMotion suspension no longer needs to prove itself with its fast adjustment and performance in all conditions. The rear shock, the KYB Pro 36 with 24 settings, has proven its worth in racing and will surely make this machine more manageable in bumpy trails. As for the front shock absorbers, it is the HPG PLUS ones. They will make this snowmobile of the most attractive to drive on-trail and very stable in bumpy trails.

Snowmobile Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis

Snowmobile Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis

Snowmobile Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis

Adjustable Handlebar

I believe that having a handlebar that can be adjusted to 4 different levels will be a plus for the driver, especially during long rides when the driver begins to tire physically. He can, in a few seconds, adjust his handlebar to a different driving position and avoid fatigue that becomes uncomfortable in the long run.

Snowmobile Renegade X 2018 Pre-ride Analysis

Snowmobile Colour

I cannot overlook the black and green colour that gives this mount an amazing look and that will surely be turning heads when I pass through the trails.

So here we are, the tour is done! I hope my impressions have given you an overview of what this machine has to conceal. Please be assured that I will give you my assessment on this machine’s handling in my columns during the season.

Dear readers, I hope you will follow us on a daily basis on the Web magazine,, throughout the season for our comments on the long-term trials.

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Have a good season and be safe during your rides, respect speed limits, your life is dear to us.