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Renegade Adrenaline 850 E-TEC – Pre-ride analysis

The snowmobile I am going to ride this winter is already at home and I made some observations. In this analysis, I will present my remarks about 4 BRP innovations this season :

  1. New Gen4 REV platform
  2. Rotax 850 E-TEC engine
  3. pDrive drive clutch
  4. RAS 3 front suspension

Firstly, I carefully observed the new dimension of the REV platform that is really tapered for ultimate handling on trails.

Thanks to the side panels, the pilot is much more inclined forward when seated. This provides a better steering control on trails and a comfortable position on long-distance rides.


This snowmobile is quite stylish; designers gave it an aggressive look with its tunnel of 137 in./348,7 cm tapered for good performance on trails and off trails.


Now, the second and third additions, such as the 850 E-TEC engine. When I talked with one of BRP engineers at the National ATV-Snowmobile Show in Drummondville, he told me that the machine was not so much faster than the 800 E-TEC. 

However, with the addition of the totally redesigned new pDrive drive clutch and the friction-free dual rollers to transfer the torque in place of the usual sliding buttons, shifting becomes extremely efficient, with impressive consistency and lightness. Response is impressive in acceleration and will give quite a sensation to the pilot, mostly in pick-up. 

The last addition is the RAS 3 front suspension. It has the same geometry, the same aspect and the same precision than the RAS 2, but it has been designed for this Gen 4 REV platform. According to specifications, it should be even more precise than the RAS 2.

These are the innovations offered on this snowmobile this year to make snowmobile fans happy. I really think that BRP designers reached their goal with these additions. All is left for me to do is to test the snowmobile to verify my observations. In my upcoming article, I will present my first impressions after at least 1 500 km. Do not forget to follow us on this web magazine all season long to know everything about our trials!

La Voix des motoneigistes wishes you a great and safe season!


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