General Information:

On the shore of the Gulf is the fertile Saint-Lawrence River Valley. To the east we also find the Richelieu River Valley. The terrain is moderately rugged to the Southwest, near the American border. The Northwest part of the region is bordered by the Saint-Lawrence to the south and the Ottawa River to the north. A large proportion of the trails are in the plain. There is plenty of woodland, mostly deciduous, and in particular, maple bush. The part located between Châteauguay and Boucherville immediately to the south of Montreal is very densely populated.

Practical Information:

  • Regional network:
    18 clubs (2,241 Km of trails)
  • Main trails:
    5 at Cazaville (west) and at Sorel-Tracy (east)
    33 at Saint-Télesphore (west) and at lac des Deux-Montagnes (north)
    500 at Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka (west) and Rougemont (east)
    505 at Saint-Michel (west) and Saint-Hyacinthe (east)
    510 at Sabrevois (west) and Wickham (east)
    503 at the American border (south) and Beauharnois (north)
  • Accommodation accessible from the trail:
    700 rooms
  • Snow conditions:
    From mid-December until mid-March


To the Southwest and Southeast of Montreal on the South Shore of the Saint-Lawrence and the Ottawa Rivers, bordered by Ontario to the west, the State of New York to the south and the Eastern Townships and the Centre-du-Québec regions to the east. Served principally by Highway 20 from the Ontario border, Montreal and Quebec City, the 40 from Montreal and Ontario and the 15 from the American border, and Highways 112, 116 132 and 138 (from New York State). It is possible to access the trail network from various points.

Principal cities:
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield – Châteauguay – Longueuil – Boucherville – Brossard – Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu – Saint-Hyacinthe – Sorel-Tracy


  • The chasm at Franklin (trail 5)
  • Dinelle sugar shack at Saint-Rémi-de-Napierville (trail 5)
  • Mont Saint-Grégoire (trail 510)
  • The André l’Écuyer trail at Saint-Rémi-de-Napierville
  • The Montérégie also offers 30 minutes access to all the attractions of Montreal.

From the region:

  • Ontario to the west (trails 33, 312)
  • New-York State to the south (trail 503)
  • The Cantons-de-l’Est region to the east (trails 45, 505, 515)
  • The Centre-du-Québec region to the Northeast (trails 5, 45)
  • The Laurentides region to the Northwest (trails 33, 312)
  • The Lanaudière region to the Northeast (trail 3)

Trails conditions

Sentiers État Conditions Dernier surfaçage Mise à jour
Association Bonne Entente Farnham Ste-Brigide 0000-00-00 2022-03-15
Club Auto-Neige Apollon 0000-00-00 2022-03-17
Club de Motoneige Baie Missisquoi 0000-00-00 2022-03-15
Club de Motoneige du Centre de la Montérégie 0000-00-00 2022-03-17
Club de Motoneige du Haut-Richelieu 0000-00-00 2022-03-15
Club de Motoneige Lac Saint-François 0000-00-00 2022-03-15
Club de Motoneige Les Bons Voisins 0000-00-00 2022-03-15
Club de Motoneige Saint-Patrice-de-Sherrington 0000-00-00 2022-03-17
Club de Motoneige St-Chrysostome 0000-00-00 2022-03-17
Club de Motos-Neige les Kangourous 0000-00-00 2022-03-17
Club des motoneigistes Harfang des Neiges 0000-00-00 2022-03-15
Club des Neiges Sorel-Tracy 0000-00-00 2022-03-17
Club Étoile Dorée de Dalhousie 0000-00-00 2022-03-17
Club Motoneige Adidou Rive-Sud 0000-00-00 2022-03-15
Club Motoneige Hemmingford 0000-00-00 2022-03-15
Club Motoneige Les Sabres d'Iberville 0000-00-00 2022-03-17
Club Motoneigistes des deux Versants 0000-00-00 2022-03-15
Club Motos-Neige Asan 0000-00-00 2022-03-17


Conditions observees Etat du sentier
Excellente Ouvert
Très bonne Partiellement ouvert
Bonne Fermé
Moyenne Information non-disponible
Aucune observation




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