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General Information:

Widely known for its warm welcome and enviable reputation, the Laurentian region is considered a top-notch snowmobile destination in Québec. Its favourable geographic location ensures reliable snowfalls each season. On average, 350 cm (137 in.) of snow covers the region with a warm wintry coat. A network of more than 2473 km (1536 miles) of dedicated and groomed trails. 

Practical Information:

  • Regional network:
    21 clubs (2,513 Km of trails)
  • Main trails:
    3 at Laval
    33 at Saint-Eustache
    43 at Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson
    53 at Papineau-Labelle wildlife Reserve
    63 at l’Annonciation
  • Accommodation accessible from the trail:
    970 rooms
  • Snow conditions:
    Generally from mid-December until the end of February
    North of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts: from mid-December until mid- March
    In the Mont-Laurier region: from mid-December until the end of March


Immediately to the north of Montreal, served principally by Highway 15 from Montreal and by Highway 50 from Ottawa and Gatineau. While the region can be accessed directly from the Laval trail network, situated north of Montreal, the most picturesque portion begins some 40 kilometres to the north, where the terrain becomes more rugged.

Ile Bizard Snowmobile Club, the only snowmobile club located in Montreal, is the link (trail 33) between Laurentides region and Monteregie region.

Principal cities: Lachute – Laval – Saint-Jérôme – Sainte-Adèle – Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts – Mont-Tremblant – L’Annonciation – Mont-Laurier – Sainte-Anne-du-Lac


  • Devil’s Mountain/Windigo fall at Ferme-Neuve (trail 13)
  • World’s first snowmobile club in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (trail 43)
  • It is possible to view deers from many vantage points (La Macaza, Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Kiamika, Val-Barette, Chute-Saint-Philippe)

From the region:

  • The Outaouais to the west (trails 13, 43 and 63)
  • Abitibi-Témiscamingue to the Northwest (trail 63)
  • Lanaudière to the east (trails 3, 33, 43, 53 and 63)
  • Mauricie (trails 13, 33 and 53)

Trails conditions

Sentiers État Conditions Mise à jour
Club Auto-Neige Amico  2024-02-23
Club Auto-Neige L'Ascension 2024-03-01
Club de Motoneige Blizard  2024-03-05
Club de motoneige des Pays D'en-Haut 2024-02-29
Club de motoneige Ile-Bizard  2024-02-23
Club De Motoneige Labelle  2024-03-03
Club de Motoneige Laval 2024-02-24
Club de Motoneige le Hibou Blanc  2024-02-26
Club de Motoneige Les Lynx de Deux-Montagnes  2024-02-23
Club de motoneige Les Sultans  2024-03-04
Club de motoneige l\'Aiglon de Chute-St-Philippe  2024-03-03
Club de Motoneige Nord de la Lièvre  2024-03-06
Club Motoneige Anti-Loup 2024-02-23
Club Motoneige Argenteuil 2024-02-28
Club Motoneige Diable et Rouge  2024-03-01
Club Motoneige Laurentien  2024-02-28
Club motoneige Les Fusées Blanches  2024-02-25
Club Motoneige Pionniers Des Laurentides  2024-02-29
Club Motoneige Piteman  2024-03-02
Club Sportif Franc-Nord Macaziens 2024-02-28
Les Coureurs des Neiges 2024-02-26


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