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Qualipieces now has everything needed to expand

qualipiecesIn order to make its mark in the North Americansnowmobile market even more, Qualipièces has adopted a brand new image and several strategic innovations that will certainly allow it to expand across borders. 

The company, located in Drummondville for the last 18 years, celebrates its coming of age this year, and it is in this spirit that its president and CEO, Denis Beaudoin, sets an important strategic goal with, among others, the standardization of its brand and the harmonization of the image of all its products. The manufacturer of utility accessories for snowmobiles to build a strong brand behind all its products, making them easily identifiable on the market! 

“We thought for several years to make this image transition. Qualipièces has now reached adulthood, and its more mature image better reflects our corporate values and our desire to grow. I am convinced that this image will allow us to reach new snowmobile enthusiasts and make ourselves known everywhere,” says Mr. Denis Beaudoin. 





Everything has been designed to simplify the work of the dealers as well as the research of snowmobilers. A brand new highly efficient and completely revamped website, along with an enhanced virtual store, was also recently put online. “The demand for online shopping is increasing, and both Canadian and Amercian snowmobilers will still be able to buy our products online, but more easily, and will be able to have their orders delivered either to a dealer or at home. Our dealers will also be able to easily find products compatible with all snowmobile models and brands. This tool will make their lives easier,” maintains Mr. Beaudoin. The geolocation tool on the website will also allow people to find the nearest Qualipièces dealer in order to call upon its expertise.


Today, Qualipièces distributes five product lines in Canada and the United States: Cobra, RollerSki, Trail Blizzer, Top Gold and Baseline, innovations that greatly enhance each snowmobiler’s experience

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