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Pre-ride Analysis of the 2018 Renegade Enduro 900 ACE

Pre-ride Analysis of the 2018 Renegade Enduro 900 ACE 

There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to go out on snowmobile rides and be in total comfort all while having the ability to venture off the trails at times or even ride on substantial amounts of snow and trails that have not yet been planed.

The Renegade Enduro, with its features and air controlled rMotion suspension, meets these criteria quite well. 

For 2018, the Renegade Enduro is available with 4 engine choices: 600 HO, 800 R, 900 ACE and 1200.

Thanks to our partnership with Motoneiges Géro in St-Jean de Matha, we will be trying out the Renegade Enduro 900 ACE for winter 2018.

Renegade Enduro 900 ACE 2018

Here are the main features that make it an ideal touring snowmobile:

  • rMotion suspension
  • Air controlled suspension (ACS)
  • RAS 2 Front suspension
  • Finger throttle
  • 900 ACE engine with smart ITC throttle
  • Pilot TS skis
  • Luxury heated driver and passenger seats
  • Heated grips and throttle lever
  • Multi-function analogue and digital instrumentation
  • REV-XS Platform
  • Medium size windshield
  • Ice Ripper XT 137 X 15 X1.25 in. track.

Here is an analysis of the different features:

ITC System

This snowmobile has the wireless electronic throttle called ITC (Intelligent Throttle Control). It no longer has a cable for the throttle and should provide quicker recovery with less thumb effort.

In addition, the throttle can be positioned to work with either the thumb or the fingers.

With the ITC system, you can choose between 3 driving modes:

  • Sport mode which is the most performing mode;
  • Standard mode which provides more linear accelerations;
  • Eco mode which allows for maximum fuel saving.

Switch that controls the 3 modes and heated driver seat switch

During my trial, I will verify the 900 ACE engine’s different performances as per the modes and the effect on fuel consumption.

Transmission and Engine

The 900 ACE engine is known for its smooth output, fuel economy and low noise. Furthermore, it’s very easy to check the engine’s oil level. The dipstick is near the pulley right in front of us.

The transmission is an IDrive 2. Over the winter, I’ll be able to verify its smooth drive and the sound level that the engine emits and ensure that the IDrive 2 is as performing with the 900 ACE than the 1200cc. 

IDrive 2 transmission 

As mentioned above, the track is a 137/1.25 Ice Riper.

During my trials, I will pay attention to the track’s behaviour on icy trails.

Ice Ripper XT track

Comfort, Suspension and Handling

The seat is heated, which should be very appreciated during certain rides.

Driver’s seat

For the driver, there are heated handles and thumbs.

The rear suspension is an rMotion with an air shock controlled by a switch on the handles. The front suspension is a RAS 2 with HPG Plus shock which offers better control in big bumps and makes the snowmobile a lot more stable in turns in aggressive driving.

The handling, suspension and efficiency of the heating elements will be points I will evaluate throughout the winter.

rMotion suspension

The snowmobile is equipped with the new TS skis. Thanks to an adjustment button located in front of the ski leg, the snowmobiler can adjust the runners to 20 different positions according to the desired grip in the turns. The square shape of the Pilot TS ski’s keel should reduce staggering considerably.

I have already tried the skis in different conditions with other BRP models and was very satisfied. I’ll see if the trend continues with the Renegade Enduro.

Pilot TS skis and HPG Plus shock

Other features

As it is an Enduro model, it’s very well equipped.

It has a multifunction gauge, which is both analogue and digital, that is controlled by a switch on the handles and it is backlit.

The dial provides plenty of information:

  • Kilometres
  • Speed
  • Engine RPM
  • Handle intensity and heated thumbs
  • Time
  • Fuel level
  • Engine temperature indicator
  • etc.

Analogue and digital multifunction gauge

An element that you will enjoy is that it’s very easy to adjust the angle of the light beam. You just need to open the case located above the multifunction gauge and the adjustment remote is right in front of you.
I am surely going to enjoy this feature as I like to have the best lighting possible.

Lighting adjustments

The rear-view mirrors are adjustable and large on top of being well positioned on each side of the windshield.

It’s an XS chassis equipped with a medium size windshield (34 cm high) and for the trial, we have installed a high 46 cm windshield to compare with the medium-size model that we have already used on other BRP models. For those interested, 2 other windshield options are available and offer even more protection such as the extra high (like on the grand touring 51 cm) and the ultra-high 60 cm.

I’ll be able to discuss more about it after having driven in different conditions.

XS chassis, high windshield and mirrors

Motoneiges Géro have also provided a tunnel Premium Link bag and a LinQ gas canister.

Rear bag and gas can


So here is a summary of the elements we will evaluate during our trial:

  • Global on-trail performance of the air controlled rMotion suspension.
  • On-trail performance of the RAS 2 suspension as well as the HPG Plus shocks.
  • Pilot TS ski performance on-trail.
  • Wind protection and ergonomics of the REV-XS3 chassis with the high windshield.
  • Engine behaviour and performance as per the ITC system’s 3 driving modes.
  • Fuel consumption.
  •  Clutch shifting calibration.
  • Snowmobile’s general reliability.
  • Comfort.

This snowmobile seems to be built to please touring snowmobilers who also like to do some off-trail outings. I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you throughout the season.

To finish, we would like to thank our partner, Motoneiges Géro from St-Jean de Matha, for providing us with this 2018 Renegade Enduro 900 ACE for our long-term trial

Photo 2 The Renegade Enduro provided by Motoneiges Géro

You will be able to follow this trial on the magazine’s website (www.sledmagazine.com), on our Facebook page and YouTube as well as on the Motoneiges Géro website and their Facebook page.

The trial pilot, Daniel Sasseville, on the 2018 Renegade Enduro 900 ACE. 

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