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Pre-ride analysis : 2013 Yamaha FX Nytro X-TX 1,75

December is already here and sadly my snowmobile season is 3 to 4 weeks late…  Even if there is not enough snow yet on my favorite trails to ride my first kilometers of the season. Worst, weather forecasts for the eastern part of the Province of Québec does not talk about any worthy precipitations before 5-6 days…
However, I had one consolation; I saw the brand new FX Nytro X-TX 1,75 that I am going to ride this season at my Yamaha dealer in Mont-Joli, P. Labonté & Fils. The machine is ready since a few days and I just can’t wait to live my first adventure on it !  Miss Weather, please send us lots of snow ! 
In the meantime, here is my first article about this trial, the pre-ride analysis of the 2013 Yamaha FX Nytro X-TX 1,75.
First of all, I must say that this is not my first contact with this snowmobile. A few years ago, I had the chance to be in charge of the long-term trial of the 2009 FX Nytro X-TX.  I had a lot of fun riding it on over 8 000 km.  So, I am very pleased to test again this model equipped with a 1,75 in. track.
Obviously, the Genesis engine of the FX Nytro is widely known in the industry for its performance and reliability.  It is a powerful and very responsive engine. So, I think I am going to be smiling in my helmet all season long !
The 2013 model is equipped with new Tuner Dual-Keel skis. During our trials at the Snow Shoot last spring, our team has tested Nytro machines equipped with these skis and we have been happily surprised by the important decrease of darting it provided. I am impatient to see the results on our Québec trails. Skis may be customized by changing the type of carbide on each keel. It will be interesting to see how these changes influence the snowmobile performance on trails.
Even if the 2009 FX Nytro offered great performance on trails with a 144 X 15 X 1,25 in. track, it needed more grip when riding off-trail. This year, our trial snowmobile will be equipped with a 144 X 15 X 1,75 in. track and should be able to perform in the deepest snow conditions. Of course, we will also check how this change of track influences on-trail riding.  The traction of the 1,25 in. track was already very good on trails; the 1,75 in. track should provide even more traction. However, a track with such deep lugs could be noisier or produce more vibrations on trails. We are going to pay attention and check if it is true.
We added some optional accessories on the FX Nytro X-TX tested this season.  For example, as I mostly ride on trails, the standard windshield was obviously too low for my needs. So, we got a medium windshield and side deflectors. We also added hand guard wind covers to protect my hands from frigid cold during longer rides. Then a rear carrier / fuel caddie has been fixed. Finally, for an even more striking look, we changed the decals. Our trial snowmobile looks just fabulous !
In brief, I am ready to hit the trails with the 2013 FX Nytro X-TX 1,75.  All is missing is snow.
Have a great season !


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